Tuesday and Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge and Brooke had stern words for Zoe, Shauna, and Flo. The couple wants to see the trio pay dearly for their roles in allowing Hope to believe her daughter Beth was dead. "Bridge" will be over troubled water as more details emerge regarding the baby switch. They initially were stunned and in disbelief but things will become much worse before they get better. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that on Thursday, the couple will get the shock of their lives when they find out the role that Thomas played in keeping Hope from her child.

Brooke will be as angry at her stepson as she is with Flo, Zoe, and Shauna but Ridge may be in denial regarding his son.

Bridge marriage may be doomed

The "Bridge" marriage has not had any major obstacles since Dollar Bill shifted his attention to Katie. They will soon be dealing with a set of situations from which they may not be able to recover. "B&B" spoilers say the realization that Phoebe is really Beth will open a Pandora's box of trials for Ridge and Brooke. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Steffy's dad will be by her side, while Hope's mother will look out for her best interest. The couple will also disagree when the role Thomas played in all the drama is revealed.

On Wednesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful", Flo and Zoe were apologizing to Ridge and Brooke but did not yet mention the trouble Thomas has caused.

Hope and Liam can confirm how evil Ridge's son has become but Ridge probably will make excuses and not be able to take it all in. Brooke, however, will be livid to find out what Thomas has put her daughter through.

Brooke, Ridge, and family may need therapy

Soap Dirt says Vincent Irizzary will soon join "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Dr.

Jordan Armstrong but does not indicate his field of study. The spoiler suggests that perhaps he is a therapist who will help Steffy deal with her world falling apart. By the time the entire truth is revealed, every member of the Logan and Forrester families may want to have a chat with him, Brooke and Ridge especially might need professional help to deal with this devastating situation,

Steffy will lose her child and possibly her baby daddy.

She will also be in shock to find out how her own brother deceived her and manipulated her life, Ridge is going to be there for her as well as his grandson Douglas. He probably will not totally abandon Thomas if he comes back to town. Brooke will be angry and want nothing at all to do with her stepson and this alone will cause the pair much contention. They will probably also argue over the best way to transition Beth from Steffy to Hope. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out how "Bridge" maneuvers through these troubled waters.