Friday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" explosive scenes erupted causing mixed emotions and a deadlock between the Forrester and Logan families. Liam finds himself caught in the middle and was forced to side with Hope. Brooke is thrilled that Hope is getting her "miracle baby" back, and Ridge can only hope to be a source of comfort for his devastated daughter.

Brooke and Ridge have also confiscated Zoe's, Flo's and Shauna's drivers' licenses to hand over to the police.

Steffy is in denial

When Liam and Hope told Steffy about Dr. Buckingham stealing Beth from them and selling her to her mother, she denied it wholeheartedly.

Then, slowly but surely, she realizes that they are telling her the truth.

Wyatt apologizes to Sally

At Forrester, Eric commended Sally for her design efforts. "You're a valuable asset to this company, I'll tell you that," he said to her. He was sorry that she and Wyatt didn't work out, but Sally was too determined to get on with her life. When he left, Wyatt arrived and apologized to her. "What happened to high school sweethearts reunited?" she asked. Wyatt told her that that was not happening.

When Sally questions him further, he answered that it was a long story and that people aren't what they seem sometimes. "So, this is what - you crawling back to me?" she asked. Wyatt answered that with everything that has been going on, he could thinking of anything more important than seeing her.

Hope expresses that she can't wait to take Beth home

Hope gets excited as she lovingly plays with Beth and tells her that she can't wait to take her home. "No, you're not. That...that's Phoebe," Steffy said. She tried to reason with them that it was wrong to take Phoebe from the only home that she's ever known, and that they need to do what's best for her, adding that Phoebe should be at home with her sister and her (adopted) mom.

She tearfully pleaded that they shouldn't yank Phoebe from her home. "Her name is Beth!" Hope countered. Hope argued that she never signed up to be Steffy's surrogate.

Liam offered to do genetic tests to prove their case if needed. Steffy demands Liam to tell Hope that she is wrong, but in vain. He responded by saying that he and Hope are her parents and that can all work something out, and find a solution.

"Liam, but it's time for her to be Beth again," Hope added.

Brooke and Ridge arrive to support their daughters

When Brooke and Ridge arrived, Steffy asserted again that there was no way they were taking her daughter from her. Brooke reminded Steffy that there was nothing legal about the adoption and that the baby was stolen. Ridge asked his wife to give her a moment to adjust.

"I am extremely grateful for everything that you have done Steffy, but it's time for Beth to come home," Hope told her, before informing her that she is taking her daughter. "And don't you dare try to stop me,"

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