"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that in the coming weeks, Julian Jerome must make some choices that affect others besides himself. Kim has said she would welcome him leaving Port Charles with her and he agreed, but tragic events may unfold that keep them both in town. Brad is begging the former mob boss to change his mind regarding a decision he decided to make and it obviously has to do with Lucas and Wiley. Alexis wants to move on, slowly with her therapist Neil, but she may find that she misses the chemistry she shared with her former husband.

Whatever decision Julian makes will be beneficial and also hurt someone that he cares about.

Julian and Brad have a secret

Soaps She Knows says that Brad Cooper is terrified of something that Julian is contemplating and asks him not to do it. The “GH” spoiler does not say what Mr. Jerome is planning but it probably has to do with Shiloh. Could Julian be considering a kidnapping or even murder, to protect the child Lucas adopted? Whatever he is up to, it’s bad enough for the lab tech to plead with him to change his mind. The duo is already harboring one secret, as both know Shiloh and Willow are not Wiley's birth parents. Should Mr. Jerome revert to his criminal behavior, the two men will have yet another situation they do not want to come to light.

Julian Jerome does not know that his son-in-law is hiding something big from him.which is the fact that Michael Corinthos and Nelle are Wiley's birth parents. When this comes to light it will cause a lot of damage to everyone involved. Everything that is hidden will soon be revealed on "General Hospital" and it will be interesting to see who remains standing after the fallout.

Julian must choose Kim or Alexis

In addition to deciding if he will heed Brad's warning or go ahead with his plan, Julian Jerome will face two additional challenges. He must decide if he can leave town with Kim and say goodbye to all of his loved ones, or let her go. Spoilers suggest that if Drew's memories are implanted in Franco, that Kim could fall in love with him which also would leave Mr.

Jerome high and dry. Soap Dirt suggests that things may not work out for Alexis and Neil, which may cause her to be looking in her ex-husband's direction, yet again.

Julian will have to decide if he wants to go down the road of romance with Sam's mother one more time. Many "General Hospital" viewers love the chemistry between Julexis and have been waiting close to two years for them to fall into each other's arms again. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out if Julian chooses, Kim, Alexis or neither. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update the Port Charles drama, and the situation with Brad and his father-in-law regarding Wiley.