Wednesday (August 7) on "The Bold and The Beautiful," the story unfolded about how baby Beth was kept away from Hope. The truth about how things went down came out, as Brooke and Ridge uncovered the heinous crime committed by Dr. Reese Buckingham and his accomplices. Tempers flared and emotions ran high when Flo vaguely admitted that she received money from her friend Dr. Buckingham, to help him to facilitate the lie that Beth was dead and that she had given birth to "Phoebe."

Hope insists on getting the details

As Hope is enjoying her time holding her baby Beth, she insisted to Liam that she needs to know how she lost her baby in the first place.

She recalled being at the hospital and that she held a baby that wasn't breathing. "Doctor Buckingham lied. He's responsible for all of this," Liam informed her.

He went on to tell the long story: after overhearing Flo and Thomas arguing at the wedding, he asked Wyatt to talk to her to find out about the secret that they had been keeping. He added that she slipped up when Wyatt tried to get her to confide in him, and said that she never had a baby. He then did some digging and found no record of her giving birth at the hospital and that Dr. Buckingham made the switch while Hope was passed out.

To Hope's disbelief, Liam told her that Zoe, Emma and Xander also found out. She then learned that Emma was on her way to tell her on the night her car ran off the cliff when Tomas was chasing her.

Zoe walks in when her father's name is called

As Flo was explaining her connection to Dr. Buckingham, Zoe walked into the office, unaware of what she would face. She was blindsided with Brooke's questions about what her father had done. At first, she tried to deny it, but ultimately, she had to tell the truth.

She tearfully apologized and tried to explain that her life was in danger because of her father's gambling debt, but Brooke wasn't having it.

"Wasn't anybody going to tell my daughter the truth?", Brooke yelled angrily.

Ridge promises Flo, Shauna and Zoe that they will all pay

Flo explained that she didn't know who Beth was until it was too late, and reassured Brooke and Ridge that Taylor didn't know anything about the fake adoption and that Taylor had also trusted Reese.

She admitted that Reese gave her "a little bit of the money" he received from Taylor in exchange for Hope's baby. Ridge promised that they would all pay for this. "You shamefully and willfully participated in this vicious crime against my daughter," Brooke hissed.

Ridge called the police to arrest Reese in London, and Zoe begged him to show her father mercy. Do you think that Reese should pay for his crime?

Liam credits Douglas

Back at Steffy's, Liam mentions to Hope that Douglas was really brave when telling him the truth about Beth, and that he owed him a "thank you." For Hope, everything began to make sense - the fact that neither Flo's mom nor Wyatt had any idea that Flo was ever pregnant.

"Remember when she (Beth) crawled up to me and called me mama?" she recollected. The scene ended with Liam and Hope professing their love to each other.

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