The wedding of the year will have a few surprises when it takes place on Friday on "The Young and the Restless." Jack brings Celeste back to town and together they walk Lola down the aisle. When the ceremony is over, Mrs. Rosales spies her former husband in the audience. Summer will sit through the ceremony knowing that Theo, her friend with benefits is planning something devious. Mr. Vanderway will try his best to reach Kyle prior to the nuptials but he is ignored. He will finally send a cryptic text telling his former party buddy that his world as he knows it is over.

Problems begin after Kyle and Lola's wedding

Jack brings Celeste back to town for her daughter's wedding and together they walk her down the aisle. Phyllis attends with Summer but surprisingly neither of them cause any problems. On Thursday, Theo told Summer about Kyle's New York secret and she knows he is planning to use the information to hurt Kyle. Mr. Vanderway explained that an underage girl named Zoe drank too much at a party he and Kyle hosted. She passed out and they drove her to the hospital. Fearing being arrested the two men left the young woman. Earlier "Y&R" rumors said Theo will soon bring the young woman to Genoa City.

Soap Opera Spy and Celeb Dirty Laundry both say that after the ceremony, Mrs.

Rosales will spot her ex-husband Adrian in the audience, She will chastise him for showing up and tell him not to ruin their daughter's day. Outside of this little wrinkle, Kola believes everything is going as planned but "Y&R" rumors say they are in for a shock. Theo is fuming that Kyle has blown him off and seems to desire domestic life.

He promised that his former friend's world is over and it will be.

Lola's wedding day may be ruined

Earlier "Y&R" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Opera Spy indicate that Theo located Zoe, the girl he and Kyle dropped off at a New York hospital. He will bring her to Genoa City and she will cause problems. Zoe's father located Kyle and Theo after his daughter was out of the hospital and took a large sum of money from Kyle as a bribe to forget the incident.

On Wednesday, Mr. Vanderway was looking at a picture of Zoe on social media. It's not clear why she will agree with his plan but rumors say she will come to town.

If Zoe announces to the wedding guests what Kyle and Theo did, everyone will be shocked. Lola knew her fiance had a past and she begged him to tell her what his former party buddy was alluding to, but Kyle remained silent. The new Mrs. Abbott may be more troubled that her new husband did not confide in her than she is by what he did in New York. Be sure to tune in on Friday and Monday for the beginning and the aftermath of the wedding of the century, Summer may get her chance yet "The Young and the Restless" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.