Celeb Dirty Laundry is revealing a detailed preview of Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless." There will be unexpected surprises and Genoa City residents will be stunned by current events. Adam will tell the Newmans that he wants what is best for Christian, therefore he is dropping the custody suit. No one believes him and Nick and Victor wonder what he is really up to. Later, Phyllis shows up to talk to the prodigal son and tells him all her woes. She will explain how Abby and Chelsea backstabbed her and propose that Adam join forces with her again.

As the new DA, Michael has given the impression he is hard on crime so he has Chloe hauled in on the charge of setting the cabin on fire. Kevin hits his brother and he is also arrested but his brother has a plan.

Chloe causes alarm in Genoa City

Soap Dirt reveals that when Chelsea finds out that Chloe is alive and well in Genoa City, she vows revenge. Ms. Lawson blames Kevin's wife for ruining her life and being the reason all this chaos is taking place. Meanwhile, Ms. Mitchell is going to get the shock of her life. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that on Monday Michael's first step as the new DA is to show he is tough on crime, even when it comes to his family. He will have Chloe arrested for causing the explosion and setting the cabin on fire.

Kevin will be so outraged that he will punch his brother in the face, which causes Michael to have him arrested as well. CDL says that later, DA Baldwin will explain it was all for show and promises that Chloe won't serve time but gets probation and mental health services. The Fishers will eventually end up at the Chancellor mansion where Kevin's wife is so grateful to see Bella and Esther.

This sounds like the family is back in Genoa City to stay.

Adam and Phyllis continue to play games

CDL says that on Monday’s “Y&R” episode, Adam will announce to the Newmans that he is done causing problems and has decided to put his son first. He is going to drop the custody suit but Victor and Nick smell a rat. They believe the bad boy is up to no good and will be watching him carefully.

Later, Phyllis will ask Adam to join forces with her once again. She will tell him how Chloe and Abby backstabbed and the two will discuss their unique relationship. Earlier in the week, Phyllis told Victor she would take everything from him and he replied: "Bring it on." Now she will have the black sheep of the Newman family on her side.

This duo does not like or trust one another but they work well together when they are scheming. Adam and Phyllis will be drinking and clinking their glasses together in a toast. Genoa City residents should be concerned because nothing but trouble can come from this unholy alliance. The Newman family specifically, had better watch their backs, because they will not see what is coming. Be sure not to miss Monday's action-packed episode of "The Young and the Restless."