The final scene on Friday's episode of "General Hospital" seemed to come at viewers from left field. After finally telling Maxie that he loves her, Peter August did something completely out of character. For months the man who believes he is Anna's son has been showing Port Charles residents his very best. Only Robert Scorpio continues to distrust him and refer to him as Henrik. Now it seems the new District Attorney was on to something because Peter ordered a hit on Drew Cane. After working so hard to prove that he is not his father's son, it seems that Henrik Faison may be following in the footsteps of dear old dad.

If Maxie is hurt the Scorpio brothers will be on the case to see that justice is served.

Henrik emerges in Port Charles

Robert Scorpio never believed that Peter August had turned his life around, even when Anna embraced him as her son. He continued to refer to him as Henrik and say he did not trust him. Mac also gave Peter a hard time when he began dating Maxie and said if he hurt her, there would be trouble. Recently on "General Hospital" it was announced that Robert had a law degree and he was going to be the District Attorney. Only a week earlier, his younger brother Mac was asked to step in as interim police commissioner while Jordan recuperates.

This may have been a strategic move by the "General Hospital" writers to have the Scorpio brothers in place to deal with Faison's son.

Coincidentally, Anna is on her way back from visiting her sibling Alex and Dr. Cabot who did the twin studies is behind bars, Cabot has said that if he is shown leniency, that he will tell Ms. Devane which memories are hers, and which ones belong to Alex. It's possible that the memory of sleeping with Faison and giving birth to his son belongs to Alex, which means that whatever trouble Henrik gets involved with, Anna has no reason to blame herself.

Henrik may be responsible for Drew's death

Drew Cane had been nothing but kind to Peter August and the two men did not have any issues with each other. It's a bit disturbing that in his Henrik mode, Peter did not blink an eye when he ordered the hit, Shiloh does not know that Franco told Drew about the money, or that it had been found in Cameron's vehicle.

He thinks that by stopping Andre Maddox from reversing the memory mapping, he can get "Dranco" to tell him where the loot is. If Drew dies his blood will be on the hands of the cult leader and Maxie's sweetie. When the Scorpio brothers figure it out there will be hell to pay.

Now that Mac is the police commissioner and Robert is the DA, they can work together to keep Shiloh and Peter away from Port Charles for good. The issue now is to connect the dots once Drew is reported missing, Could Henrik turn on Maxie and could her life be in danger? There is one way to know for certain.

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