Scott and Jaclyn Stapp do more than spread lasting songs about making the world better — they practice what they preach, even during a mammoth tour. Scott Stapp is not quite midway through his most ambitious and successful tour in support of his third solo album, “The Space Between the Shadows.” The collection contains the most deeply personal and probing songs of the acclaimed lyricist and frontman’s career, set against a canvas of sweeping, faith-filled themes.

Jaclyn Stapp does much more than provide emotional and day-to-day support for her hard-rocking husband.

She manages much of the detail involved with the effort of touring, and manages to balance family time, too, with visits from the couple’s children at home, ranging from 12 to 20 months, and their doting super-grandmother, Jaclyn’s mother, Hayat, who ensures that home life is stable while mom, dad, their band, and crew are all creating unforgettable music and memories for fans.

Jaclyn learned daily lessons in making her community a better place from her mother. Jaclyn, her three sisters, and one brother were raised by their single mother who became a widow at a young age. Undaunted by her circumstances, the devoted parent put herself through school in her studies to become an orthopedic nurse.

Her example not only instilled the value of education within her children, but also the power of a kind smile, a partner in physical therapy, a helper for homework, or simply a friend who would be dependable. Jaclyn and her siblings were regular volunteers at their mother’s hospital workplace, and no matter their family’s need, they always found a way to give, and their mother was always there in steadfast support.

In 2014, Jaclyn Stapp founded her CHARM (Children Are Magical) Foundation in honor of her mother's inspiration and goals The charitable endeavor was the fulfillment of a 15-year dream for Jaclyn. Its mission is to partner with community agencies to provide resources for success and empowerment to underprivileged children and families.

It grew as an outreach of Scott Stapp’s With Arms Wide Open Foundation, founded in 2000 at the height of Creed’s success. The charitable efforts of WAWO have expanded from its focus on children and families to include an emphasis on veterans, families, and those suffering from addiction, mental illness, and the effects of PTSD.

Scott and Jaclyn Stapp are celebrating the worldwide success of “The Space Between the Shadows.” The album has already climbed to #3 on the Billboard charts in the US and is at #5 on the UK album charts.

No demands from the road, radio, music press, or fans detracted the couple from the delighted throngs of children at the Kirkpatrick Park Community Center in Nashville on August 4, as noted in the busy couple’s interview with Nashville Noise, joined by friend and partner, Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC.

The 2019 Back-to-School Bash was about much more than new backpacks and haircuts, and Scott and Jaclyn Stapp have bigger dreams of success for children and the CHARM Foundation yet to come.

Beyond the backpacks

“She’s a workhorse,” credits Kirkpatrick of Jaclyn. The singer recalled first considering all the outreach for good that CHARM could cultivate when he and his wife were planning a move to Nashville at the same time as the Stapp’s were making plans to make Music City home.

“We would see each other at these [many] charity events,” Kirkpatrick noted. “We have kids very close in age and Jaclyn and my wife are close,” making the collaborative impact a natural fit. “When I first came, I thought it would be this little thing, and now you see this turnout,” Chris described.

No child seemed to lose any enthusiasm due to the Nashville showers, and Scott Stapp elaborated on his hopes that this encounter is not just a one-time meeting.

“We want to fill the Bridgestone Arena,” gushed the famous frontman. “We want to get to know these kids on a more personal level,” Stapp insists. Every child feels more ready to succeed in school with new supplies and a new haircut, but the couple aims to teach children the importance of “being prepared—that’s a life skill” and one that will be a building block to organization, positive attitude, and other attributes for becoming successful.

Jaclyn Stapp is passionate about education as a start to success. “If we didn’t have the education, and the resources in those who helped us” she reflects that her own success in the pageant realm and her platform for child advocacy and self-esteem would resonate so effectively.

Success through hard work and compassion is a family asset. One sister and her brother have become successful attorneys, while another older sister is a nationally-recognized physician still with a thriving practice. Another sister has just been named Chief Resilience Officer for Florida by Governor Rick Desantis.

Sweet sound and color

It’s not often that you see heavy metal heroes dressed in pink, but Scott Stapp and his guitarists, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Ben Flanders, were perfectly at ease in their manhood and in the mission of donning the hue. Everyone was playing for the Jaclyn Stapp CHARM team and scoring for the children in this gig.

Chris Kirkpatrick playfully introduced himself as “not Justin Timberlake” before welcoming Scott and the band for a few songs.

With Arms Wide Open” made the perfect theme song for the second annual event that easily doubled the numbers from last year. The Grammy-winning song and its songwriter could not have capped the day on a more touching note.

Children and families mean so much more than numbers and attendance. It takes willing and open hearts to reach minds and lives in lasting ways, and Scott and Jaclyn Stapp intend to keep opening doors to love and learning for a long time to come.

Scott Stapp will perform a hometown show in Nashville on his birthday, August 8, as he resumes his tour schedule,