"The Bold and the Beautiful" has turned a corner with the baby switch storyline, but what should be a dream come true, will soon turn into a nightmare. Battle lines will be drawn between the Logan’s and Forrester’s, with everyone choosing sides. Ridge and Brooke will disagree on this turn of events, regarding both Steffy and Thomas. Now that Hope will be in control, she may not want Steffy around Beth. Liam will be torn between the two women again and Taylor will be sparing with Brooke once more. Flo's fate as a Forrester, as well as her relationship with Wyatt, are in jeopardy.

Someone will have to raise Douglas if Thomas is no longer around and the families will be in disarray.

Forrester and Logan nightmare begins

On Tuesday”s episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Liam and Hope went to Steffy’s and began bonding with Beth, as her parents. Meanwhile, Flo was confirming to a stunned Ridge and Brooke the truth of the baby switch. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Hub both indicate that Lope’s dream come true will turn into a nightmare for extended family. It’s not clear whether Steffy is at home or somewhere else, but should she walk in on the scene between Liam, Steffy, and her daughter she will be stunned.

Steffy will be in shock when told the ugly truth and will not want to give up the child she has been raising.

“B&B” previews for this week show her crying as she begs Brooke to not allow her child to be taken away. Ridge may want his daughter to have more time with the child she has been raising and Brooke will want her granddaughter to be with her birth mother right away. There will also be the question of who will raise Douglas since his father seems to be long gone.

Eric and Quinn will be angry at Shauna who they have welcomed into their home and Wyatt will no doubt walk away from Flo.

'B&B' heartbreak will continue

“The Bold and the Beautiful" rumors have given no indication regarding Ms. Fulton’s fate, but some in the Logan/Forrester clan may want her to be prosecuted. Earliest CDL spoilers indicated that Hope and the three Logan sisters are going to all give Flo a piece of their minds.

Shauna and her daughter may be forced to walk away from the Logan’s and the Forrester’s because no one may be able to forgive them at this time. There also may be disagreement regarding how to deal with Thomas once he is found.

Steffy tried to broker peace with Hope for the sake of Kelly and Beth, but the truce may now be over. Brooke will eventually blame Taylor for this situation and their feud will begin once more. Each mother will want what’s best for her own daughter and that may turn Steffy and Hope against each other. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this troubling storyline on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” One thing that is certain and that is that the pain and heartbreak will continue.