"The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers have made themselves clear where Thomas Forrester is concerned. A whopping 97 percent say that Douglas deserves a life without his father. This may seem harsh but the recent storyline seems to be heading in that direction. The little boy flipped on his dad last week and told him he was bad. He added that Liam and Steffy were good to him and later told his aunt he loved her. Caroline’s son also confided in Liam and Steffy that his mother told him to always tell the truth. This is when the child defied his father’s admonition to remain silent about Phoebe being Beth.

Douglas boldly admitted the girls were one and the same. His father is on the run so someone will have to step up and raise him.

'B&B' offers Thomas no redemption

The last “B&B” viewers saw of Thomas Forrester was on Monday, when he was running down the Forrester helicopter launch pad. He had thought he would be wishing his new bride away, but instead, Liam got to her first. The two men fought and Liam tried to force Thomas to admit the baby swap. As Hope and her baby daddy watched, terrible Tom ran for his life. He probably met up with the helicopter and left town. He made his plans for its no thought of his son and now viewers believe he should lose all rights to Douglas.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” could go the route of ”The Young and the Restless” and “General Hospital” and redeem criminal characters by explaining their behavior with brain tumors.

By having Douglas turn on his father, it seems there is no path to redemption but this could change at a later date. Emma is dead and the baby switch is fresh in everyone’s minds so there will be no free pass. There is also the fact that Thomas set fire to a home and blew up a car in his younger years. Surely he was not dealing with a tumor this long.

Whatever the reason, only three percent of viewers are on his side.

Thomas May return

Soap Dirt teases that Thomas is more than likely to return for Hope. The “B&B” rumors suggest that he is so volatile, there is no way he is going to let Liam win. If he comes back he will risk getting caught and going to jail for his crimes.

Should he kidnap Hope, his approval rating surely will drop and more viewers will believe he is a lost cause. The poll indicating that 97 percent of respondents don’t believe the Forrester heir should raise his son is very telling.

Thomas Forrester is so out of control that should he get his hands on his new bride, he may consider murder/suicide. Liam will probably rescue Hope in the nick of time and her new hubby might die in an accident or by his own hand. If that happens it will be one more tragedy set in motion by Dr. Reese Buckingham. Stay tuned to “The Bold and the Beautiful” weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.