"Love After Lockup" brought a love triangle to our screens in the past. The recent spinoff, "Life after Lockup" brought Michael and his two women, Sarah and Megan. In season 2B of "LAL" that premiered this week, we met Lacey. Plus, we know her significant other's John, in jail. However, her secret involves another man, Shane, also an inmate. Dialogue's already taking place on social media about it. But, possibly the adult cam star Kaci Kash, a.k.a Lacey will raise further debate on inclusivity of people working in the s*x industry.

Lacey of 'Love After Lockup' shares a special fan-only page on social media

Over on her Instagram and Twitter, Lacey directs people to her special 'fan-only' website. Plus, Monsters and Critics mention, as do some Twitter followers, that she has a history as an adult cam star. That related to her profile as Kaci Kash. Lacey already came with a large following on social media. And, it looks like many of those followed her after they found her via Chaturbate. One follower, armystrong69107, posted on Twitter, "I saw you last night from the show and you made it from Chaturbate to TV. Congrats. Keep it going."

In response. Lacey answered: "Still mad lover for @chaturbate!" She added that she may "return soon, u just never know." She also said, "But for now, enjoy me on the big screen." So, it comes as no big surprise that the "Love After Lockup" star maintains her fan-only website.

Over there, fans may subscribe, see various images, and more of an intimate nature, but it's not free. On IG, Lacey notes in one post that she's an "Award winning Cam Model" and an "Inked Magazine Centerfold." She directs fans to her page where she posts things she can't share on social media.

Cam star's career industry likely to raise dialogue and debate

These days it's perfectly acceptable to work in the industry where Lacey's already built a career.

However, the 's*x' word still requires dots and dashes in many articles as search engines often consider it a "stop word." Many people feel biased towards the inclusivity of people who earn money from it. An example of this was intolerance towards "Teen Mom's" Farrah Abrahams. Later, it turned into downright hostility after she made a similar career move.

While Starcasm leaked the ending of the love triangle for Lacey on "Love After Lockup," chatter about the career she chose already starts. One follower of the WEtv show, @livemerealitytc, noted on Twitter: "So I’m eager to hear all the opinions about Lacey from #LoveAfterLockup and her being a cam model.

I actually fully support s*x workers but know most people judge the cr*p out of them so I’m super curious about what people have to say."

Most 'Love After Lockup' fans not reaching for debate yet

Maybe not all the background of Lacey's chosen career industry reached followers of the show yet. This becomes evident when you note that a lot of online chatter's about her dad and her kids. In the show, we see Lacey's holding a secret from her dad. He's unhappy about taking a felon into the home. Fans love that he's straight up about his feelings. Meanwhile, she's hiding her secret. One assumes it's about Shane in the love triangle that Starcasm spoiled.

Most comments directed at Lacey so far in the current "Love After Lockup" season, express some anger.

That's because it's about smoking and kids.

Many fans noted that Lacey smokes in the house. A houseful of kids. As @NerdyNerak noted on Twitter, "All I do is think about my kids!" - while preparing for her drug dealing boyfriend to be paroled into her home which she smokes like a chimney in."

So, little hot debate and dialogue started yet about Lacey the cam star a.k.a Kaci Kash and her chosen career industry. However, sooner or later, something will arise on social media. After all, that's one good thing about social media, there's room for all sorts of debate.

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