This coming week, on "General Hospital," rumors indicate a number of Port Charles residents will find themselves in dangerous situations. The Corinthos men will have to deal with some type of emergency at the police station that may have to do with a problem at the warehouse. Michael will also be worried about Sasha's health crisis which continues to baffle Dr. Finn. Ms. Gilmore's condition is a mystery and she needs a cure before time runs out. Cassandra, who infected her, may reach out and let Nina know that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Shiloh could get his hands on Cameron, again, and draw Drew into a possibly deadly situation.

Danger surrounds some Port Charles residents

Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors indicate that this week, a number of Port Charles residents will find their lives in danger. While in Mexico, an unsuspecting Michael and Sasha ran across Cassandra who injected something into Ms. Gilmore's grapefruit. It took a few days but, now, she has been hospitalized and Dr. Finn is unable to help her. Meanwhile, Nina will get a text which, rumors suggest, will be from Cassandra and could be a copy of the selfie she took with Michael and Sasha.

If Nina sees Cassandra posing with her daughter, she will know that Ms.

Pierce is the reason for Sasha's illness. She and Valentin will be outraged, but time is running out. There will probably have to be some type of trade-off or bargain, in order to obtain the antidote to save Ms. Gilmore's life. Michael, who is deeply concerned about the health of the woman he is dating, will have his hands full with drama elsewhere in Port Charles.

Deadly drama unfolds on 'General Hospital'

Shiloh may get his hands on Cameron Weber again, this week, and Drew will try to save him. It's not known how the cult leader gets out of jail so quickly, or why he has fixated on Elizabeth's son. Every time someone in Port Charles says the self-proclaimed guru will never see the light of day, he always does.

Rumors suggest that, perhaps, Shiloh has Cam at Sonny's warehouse and this is where he will lure Andrew Cane. This possibly could be the crisis that Sonny and Michael have to deal with and why they are called to the police station. Spoilers also suggest that Curtis Ashford may be drawn into the fireworks.

Billy Miller will soon leave "General Hospital" but it's not yet been made known how his character will exit. Rumors tease that Drew might die during his confrontation with Shiloh while trying to save Cameron. It's also possible that the former leader of Dawn of Day could be the one to lose his life. Be sure to tune in this coming week to enjoy all the action and dram that takes place in Port Charles. Be on the lookout for more rumors to find out, in advance, who will live and who will die.