'Life After Lockup" fans had so much hope for Tracie Wagaman this season on the "Love After Lockup" spinoff. While some fans said she was on drugs, she assured she was not. Other fans loved her for holding it all together so well. However, now Starcasm reports she's been arrested in Texas for possession of a controlled substance. And, it looks like it's a felony charge as they looked into the “POSS CONT SUB 4-200G-PG1” charge on Avvo.

Fans hoped Tracie Wagaman of 'Life After Lockup' would stay off controlled substances

Over on her Instagram, Tracie got encouraged a lot by fans who know she struggles with drug issues.

Here's one example of what a fan, @davianna_h said to her recently: "My brother died from drug overdose last yr so hats off to you and hands down! I'm so happy for you Tracie!! Keep doin what your doing and keep the haters HATING!!" Another comment came from @melissa.achterberg0823. That one read, "We love you Tracie...don’t stop moving forward you’re killing it girl. Love ya."

Many other encouraging words were sent to the "Life After Lockup" star. However, sadly it looks like their hopes for Tracie just came crashing down. Apparently, Tracie was in Texas when she got picked up this weekend. Starcasm posted a photo of her mug shot, and she looks in a terrible state. Weeping eyes, hair shaved on one side, and the saddest face ever stared at the camera.

This looks heart-breaking.

Details of the arrest and the substances Tracie allegedly had

Starcasm detailed more about the arrest. They noted, "Tracie was arrested by Bedford Police in Tarrant County, Texas on Tuesday, August 6." They also noted that "her bond was set at 5,000." Verifying the actual charges, to establish if it was a felony arrest, they ascertained via Avvo, that it is.

Therefore, she may have been in possession of a drug like cocaine or methamphetamines. Plus, if that's not bad enough, Tracie has previous arrests. That makes it worse by far. This means that she could get charged under felony 1 rather than felony 2.

For Tracie, she needs $5,000 to get out of custody. But even if she does, she could face quite severe penalties.

Starcasm cite attorney Martin Ben Zimmerman. He said, "If someone faces a 1st-degree felony offense [it]...has a statutory punishment range of between 5 years to 99 years or life of confinement in prison plus a fine of up to $10,000.00." Even if she never gets bumped up to that 1st-degree felony, even as a felony 2, she faces jail time.

Tracie urged to help Clint with drugs

On Tracie's Instagram, one fan, miamidine_, spoke to the "Life After Lockup" couple, saying, "I’m sorry but Clint does look like he’s doing drugs. It’s your turn to get him help! He took care of you in the dark times!" Now, it turns out that Clint probably failed to look after Tracie this time. And, now Tracie turned up with drugs again.

What a very sad state of affairs it all seems to be.

What do you think of Tracie Wagaman being arrested for possession of a controlled substance? Do you think this outcome was inevitable? Or were you one of the fans who hoped she was holding her life together well?

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