"Love After Lockup" gets a spinoff called "Life After Lockup" from WEtv and it premieres on June 14. Ahead of the spinoff which features Brittany Santiago, she posted up a clip on her Instagram about boundaries and kissing Amanda. It was some of the "most arresting moments" from "Love After Lockup" that airs on WEtv Friday. The clip really got fans laughing.

The 'Life After Lockup' brings Brittany Santiago but maybe not Amanda

"Life After Lockup" follows the ever-popular "Love After Lockup." In fact, it covers the lives of five couples that we saw in the past.

These include "Clint and Tracie, Marcelino and Brittany, Megan, Michael, and Sarah, Scott and Lizzie, and Andrea and Lamar," according to Broadway.com. However, it's not certain that Amanda, one-time bunkie of Brittany will feature on the new show. TV Shows Ace noted that Amanda Nicole went quiet on her Instagram. In fact, some speculation arose as to whether she was back in prison.

However, it seems Amanda Nicole is not in jail as Starcasm investigated it. They noted back at the end of May that she's “free and clear!" Plus, The Nevada Department of Corrections lists her status as “inactive.”‘ Nevertheless, we will need to wait to see if she is any part of Marcelino and Brittany's life at this time.

In fact, the small clip of "Love after Lockup's" most arresting moments, involves Brittany giving Amanda a kiss.

Short clip of 'Love After Lockup' gets fans laughing at Brittany's kiss

In the clip that Brittany shared on Instagram, it shows Marcelino talking to Brittany and Amanda about boundaries. It starts off with what fans always talk about and that's Marcelino being very controlling.

Lamar's imitating Marcelino to perfection. Then it cuts to Marcelino, Brittany, and Amanda. Marcelino's talking about how they must learn to set boundaries. Anyway, Brittany then turns around and gives Amanda a huge kiss, tongue and all. Marcelino's so surprised, he fumbles and drops his cigarette. Once again, Lamar imitates Marcelino and gets the facial expressions right as he drops the cigarette.

Of course, fans loved the clip and especially got excited to see Lamar's not in jail. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @ny_**: "The cigarette though lmao that part was too much!"
  • @cka**: "I about lost it when he fumbled his cigarette."
  • @mrs**: "assss can’t wait. Cannot wait for life after lockup, cause y’all are the best! Love ya girl."
  • @que**: "And this was the scene I started to love Marcelino lmfaooo! I honestly thought he'd flip out but his reaction was!"
  • @Wee**: "That was a TRIP"
  • @may**: "Omg I am dead. Marcelino is a whole mood!"

What do you think of Brittany Santiago's clip about boundaries and kissing Amanda? Did you think Lamar got Marcelino down pat? Marcelinos face, when he dropped the cigarette, is a really funny moment, right? Remember that the "Life After Lockup" spinoff from "Love After Lockup" comes only on WEtv June 14.