On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Flo and Zoe told Ridge and Brooke that Thomas knew about the baby swap. Rumors indicate that Ridge will be in denial and believe the women are lying. He will have harsh words for them and not allow himself to think that his son played a part in this wicked conspiracy. Bridge will then head over to Steffy's where they will disagree on what should happen next with Phoebe. The duo will each take a stand for his or her own child. Hope and Steffy are also going to disagree over the baby's fate. Meanwhile, Thomas is out there somewhere and no one knows when he will strike next.

Brooke furious, Ridge in denial

Soap Opera Spy rumors indicate that "Bridge" will head over to Steffy's place to discuss current events. This is after Flo and Zoe admitted their roles in the baby swap and also mentioned the part Thomas played in it all. The "B&B" spoiler indicates that Ridge will not accept that his son could be involved in anything so heinous. He will continue to rant and rave about Shauna, Flo, and Zoe.

Once the Forrester's arrive at Steffy's, Liam and Hope will confirm what the couple has already heard. Even so, Ridge will be distracted by another pressing matter. Hope wants to take her child home immediately as she has already missed so much time as her mother. Brooke agrees, but Steffy and her dad argue that Phoebe/Beth has known only one home for close to a year.

They want the little girl to stay where she is and the Logan women are having no part of it. "B&B" rumors say Brooke will be furious about what Thomas did to her daughter but her husband will block it out for now.

'B&B' gives Steffy heart-wrenching scenes

Soap Dirt rumors indicate that Steffy will have some moments that are just heartwrenching.

"B&B" previews show her making a tearful plea to Brooke, to not let her child be taken away. This is a very emotional time for everyone and tensions are high. Beth will have to be reunited with her mother at some point and Brooke and Hope believe it should be done right away. Ridge disagrees and this may cause problems in their marriage.

Things will certainly escalate when Ridge has no choice but to face the ugly truth about his son.

Thomas is guilty of multiple crimes, including leading Emma to her death. If he does not show up, the heir to the Forrester dynasty must be found and face the music just like everyone else who kept this terrible secret. He betrayed Hope, Steffy, and his son Douglas. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to update this storyline when new information becomes available. Continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons. The drama with the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans begins at 1:30 PM EST on CBS.