Haley Pullos has been portraying Molly Lancing Davis on "General Hospital" for the past 10 years. Viewers have watched her grow from a child into a beautiful young woman right before their eyes. Molly has not been getting much screen time lately but was back in Port Charles on Wednesday. Loyal fans immediately noticed that her face looked puffy as if she had implants in her cheeks. When asked, the actress said no, she had not had plastic surgery performed, but eagle-eyed fans, as well as before and after photos indicate there has been some type of alteration.

Certainly, celebrities are not required to divulge their personals business to those who watch them on TV and in movies, but they should expect questions when they have been altered in dramatic ways.

'GH' fans vocal about young cast members

"General Hospital" viewers don't mind expressing their views regarding storylines as well as the personal lives of cast members. Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that many who watch the ABC daytime drama are outraged that Cameron Weber has been kidnapped by Shiloh and consider his being restrained and unconscious as abuse. There are also fans who are questioning whether the young woman who portrays Molly Lancing Davis has had plastic surgery.

The daughter of Alexis and Rick has not been seen on "General Hospital" recently but returned on Tuesday.

Many viewers watching the episode thought at first that Molly's portrayer had been replaced. A closer look revealed that Haley Pullos was still in the role she has had for a decade but her facial features were very differnt than hr last time on screen. When questioned, the actress said she had not been under the knife, but viewers believe she has had implants placed in hr cheeks.

Haley Pullos' right to privacy null and void

Celebrities are under no obligation to share every detail of their private lives with their fans, but because they are in the public eye, every minute change in appearance is noticed. The facial features of Haley Pullos were so dramatically distorted, that viewers believed she was a different actress and, that speaks volumes.

Her face is clearly a lot fuller and her cheeks are very round and more pronounced than before. The actress gave no alternative explanation for why her looks had changed such as illness or an allergy.

In this day and age, many celebrities have indulged in cosmetic surgery, but only a few admit when a nip, tuck, or implant has taken place. The actress who portrays Molly has stated that she has not gone under the knife, but many "General Hospital" fans believe her facial features indicate otherwise. This is why those who are entertainers for a living should keep something in mind. When it comes to physical looks, they have basically given up their right to privacy, because they make their money by being in the public eye. For that reason, the public pays close attention and are not easily fooled.