"The Bold and The Beautiful' is revealing details of the baby switch a little at a time. On Thursday, Liam and Hope broke the news to a stunned Steffy that Phoebe is really Beth. Simultaneously, Brooke and Ridge were listening to Zoe, Shauna, and Flo explain how this unfortunate situation unfolded. At the end of the episode, Steffy was hearing the same unbelievable news as her father. Both were told that Thomas had known the truth for months, and kept it to himself. Justice cannot be demanded regarding the three women who kept the secret, without the heir to Forrester Creations paying for his crimes as well,

Ridge and Steffy shocked that Thomas knew about the baby swap

On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and The Beautiful" Liam and Hope gently broke the news to Steffy that Phoebe is Beth by telling her the story, but not who the players were.

As "Lope" was finishing the distressing tale, they made it clear that Hope was the woman whose baby was stolen and that Steffy had been raising her as her own. The duo explained that Flo, Zoe, and Thomas all had known the truth for months and upon hearing her brother's name, Ms. Forrester looked totally bewildered.

At the same time, Ridge was hearing about his son's role in the chain of events and was just as shocked as his daughter. He had been about to call the police but Brooke told him there would be unwanted publicity. He then demanded Zoe, Flo, and Shauna each give him their drivers license, so they would not try to skip town. As the women continued pleading their case, it came out that the Forrester heir was involved, and Ridge was blown away.

Brooke, however, was simply angry to know Thomas pursued and married her daughter, without telling her that Beth was alive.

'B&B' snail's pace may take until November for all to be resolved

This past spring, "B&B" executive producer Brad Bell said that the baby swap would not be resolved until November Sweeps. This troubled fans who believed the storyline had already gone on too long.

When the truth came out last week, viewers believed everything was going to come out much sooner than the fall. The pace at which the news is revealed, however, indicates that it may take a few more months for everything to come to light.

Xander left town, but it's not known if he will return and collaborate what Zoe, Shauna, and Flo have admitted to.

Thomas seems to have disappeared and rumors have not said if or when he will return. There is also the fact that his actions led to Emma's death, which will really blow Ridge and Brooke away. Reese Buckingham should also face the music for his crimes and many "B&B" viewers are hoping this will happen ASAP.