''General Hospital'' (GH) weekly episodes of August 26 promise many twists and unexpected revelations that will enliven Port Charles. On Monday, Nina receives shocking news, while Chase interrupts a family reunion. On Tuesday, August 27, Elizabeth calls Kim, but she doesn't answer. Franco does not listen to Obrecht's advice, upsetting Michael. Wednesday, Liz will be disappointed by Franco. Afterward, Monica and Jason will have a rather difficult discussion. In the episode of ''General Hospital'' on August 26, Valentin will give a large sum of money to Curtis, what will he have in mind?

Finally, on Friday, August 30, we'll see Ava reading a letter from Ryan that will leave her stunned. Sam and Kristina will meet, probably to talk about Shiloh. Below are some more appetizing rumors about the weekly episodes of ''General Hospital."

'General Hospital': Willow changes her attitude

''General Hospital" episodes of the week from 26 to 30 August, will be full of new events. Alexis will involve Diane Miller in her workouts. It promises to be really fun moments. Mac and Felicia will be working as babysitters. Again, there will be laughter and hilarious gags. Little James will make them really crazy.

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors say that Willow will start to have more confidence in herself and in the future.

Willow hasn't been serene at all in recent times but will be determined to plan a brighter future. Her projects will be aimed at achieving happiness.

Hamilton's discovery at 'General Hospital'

In ''General Hospital'' weekly episodes of August 26, Chase will interrupt a private family reunion. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, he will certainly have a good reason.

Hamilton will be shocked after reading the test results. He will probably guess that Sasha is not Nina's biological daughter. If that is true, this storyline will move in the right direction.

However, as confirmed by Soap Opera News, Nina will face a difficult time this week. Nina will be upset after receiving a strange text message.

"General Hospital" rumors tease that Cassandra will send her the photo she took with Michael and Sasha. Subsequently, Sonny and Michael will go to the police.

A top-secret plan for the next 'General Hospital' episodes

Dustin will play an important role in the weekly episodes of ''General Hospital." Probably, Lulu will need him. Meanwhile, Curtis will receive a large sum of money from Valentin. It seems that there is a top-secret mission involved. Valentin is determined to protect his family by any means.

Monica and Jason will discuss it, while Kim will have the opportunity to rethink Oscar's death. Stay tuned for the next exciting ''General Hospital'' rumors and updates.