On "General Hospital" Sonny Corinthos will have a lot on his plate the next few weeks if spoiler alerts and rumors are correct. Soap Dirt indicates that Drew Cane will go missing and this will take a toll on everyone in Port Charles. The former mob boss will spare no expense to help in the search for Jasons' twin. Firs Oscar and now his dad so this will be quite troubling. Celeb Dirty Laundry says there will be a new face in town as Mike Corbin's sister is going to show up. Viewers will recall that Sonny paid his Aunt Gladys to say she was Devlin's grandmother, and help legitimize the young man who saved his life in Turkey.

It will be interesting to find out why she is now on the scene and if trouble is brewing.

Aunt Gladys may want more money from Sonny

Mike Corbin has been in Port Charles for quite some time dealing with his declining health from Alzheimer's disease. He is now in a memory care facility and has had a mock wedding with his best girl Yvonne. During this time his sister was not mentioned, neither did she come to visit. Sonny told Brick about his Aunt Gladys and she was convinced to say that Devlin is her grandson. Fake documents were secured and now the young man can legally remain in the United States.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Aunt Gladys will make her appearance in Port Charles on September 3.

Nothing has been said about an agenda, but she may be concerned about her brother, need more money from Sonny or both. CDL did not say who would be portraying Mike Corbin's sister, but "General Hospital" viewers can tune in and find out in a little over a week.

Sonny's woes are increasing on 'GH'

Mike Corbin is just now getting settled down in the memory care facility after causing his family some distress.

Josslyn is doing somewhat better after Oscar's battle with cancer and subsequent death. Kristina is moving forward now that she is no longer affiliated with Dawn of Day, and Shiloh is in prison. Even so, Sonny's woes continue to mount. Carly is dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, concerned about her teenage daughter and wondering if having Dev in Port Charles is the right thing to do.

The teen is adjusting to American life but still needs a bit of coaching if he wants to pull off the scam of being a Corinthos.

Now there will be the difficulty of Drew missing and presumed dead on top of his son's recent death. In addition, Aunt Gladys is coming to town and her agenda is not yet known. Sonny will no doubt be able to maneuver through all of these situations but viewers will be watching and waiting to find out the end result for Andrew Cane and the real reason Mike Corbin's sister is coming to Port Charles. Be sure to continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.