''General Hospital'' (GH) latest rumors say that Shiloh will have in mind a plan to escape from prison. In Pentonville Prison are also found in Nelle Benson and Ryan Chamberlain. Most likely, Archer will find valid accomplices in them. The situation, however, will become more complicated, as Nelle will not know she is facing the head of the DoD. Given her sagacity, it won't take long to understand who that mysterious man is. Other ''GH'' rumors reveal that Drew will leave the scene. After leaving by plane, he will never return to Port Charles. It then turns out that the damn plane has crashed and as a result, Drew is declared dead.

But the twists and turns don't end there.

'General Hospital': Shiloh's dark plan

In the upcoming ''General Hospital'' episodes aired on ABC, Shiloh will once again be very dangerous. The head of the DoD will never resign himself to staying in prison and will soon plan his escape. The only person who can help Archer is Peter, but certainly not legally. Peter will be undecided on what to do and will be tormented by this dilemma. Of course, Shiloh could also seek help inside the prison, perhaps promising the hypothetical accomplice a generous reward. Inside Pentonville, there is the dangerous Nelle and, according to the latest ''GH'' rumors, ''Crazy Nelle'' and Shiloh could ally themselves. However, if Archer showed up at Nelle, the situation would become even more complicated, as she would understand that it was the man who chased Wiley Cooper-Jones.

One hypothesis that cannot be ruled out is that Shiloh presents himself to her as David Archer. That would certainly make it easier. However, Nelle is clever and will not be deceived so easily. She could agree to ally with him to escape from prison and betray him at a later time. Also, we need to understand what role Ryan Chamberlain will play in this complicated intrigue.

According to the assumptions of Celeb Dirty Laundry, Shiloh, Nelle and Ryan could join forces to escape from Pentonville. Each of them has a good reason to get out of prison and continue to hurt.

Next 'GH' episodes: Drew involved in a plane crash

Other ''General Hospital'' rumors focus on Drew. After the sale of the car, there was no peace for him.

Drew let Franco know that he wanted to return the money by flying to Afghanistan, but without going back. It will be the right opportunity to get actor Billy Miller out of the picture, even though the fans don't agree with this decision.

Drew will most likely be involved in a terrible plane crash. But the body will not be found, so we might expect an unexpected return at a later date. Drew will be declared dead but, according to the latest rumors, the storyline won't end so easily, as more disturbing details will emerge. Stay tuned and don't miss the next ''General Hospital'' spoilers, news and updates.