''General Hospital'' (GH) next episodes aired on ABC, focus on the legacy of Cassadine. According to Soap Dirt, Nikolas could soon return to Port Charles. Jax and Hayden will pave the way for his unexpected return. However, even if Nikolas returns, there will be problems for his legacy, after all the cheating warps of Valentin. Moreover, another interesting hypothesis (in this case quoted by ''CDL''), concerns the true identity of Valentin Cassadine: are we really sure that he is who he says he is? This question could be answered, once again, by Nikolas.

That's why his return will become fundamental to the unfolding of the storylines now underway in the soap opera ''GH''.

The Cassadine question and the return of Nikolas

In the next ''General Hospital'' episodes broadcast on ABC, Jasper is engaged in a complicated mission. Jax must find the codicil useful to return Cassadine's estate to its rightful heir. It won't be easy since there could be a legal fraud involved. In previous episodes of ''GH'', Hayden and Jax had had a heated discussion on this issue. Valentin claimed to have recovered the codicil after Helena's death in Greece. Jasper would never accept the idea of losing everything. Something unexpected is about to happen before the legitimate heir to Cassadine's fortune is found.

According to the latest "General Hospital" rumors, the storyline could be the right opportunity for the return of Nikolas. However, due to the revision of his date of birth and that of Valentin, it is not automatic that the inheritance goes to Nikolas, in short, the situation is quite complicated.

'General Hospital': Does Valentin Cassadine hide a secret?

Let's not forget that Jax has a file that could trap Cassandra. The cameras had filmed her talking to a mysterious man. According to the ''General Hospital'' rumors, that man could be Nikolas himself. Another hypothesis is making its way. Jax's file could be about Valentin and not Nikolas.

Cassandra, who once had done shady business with him and was also his lover, might know a disturbing secret about his identity. Could Valentin hide a secret identity?

According to the assumptions of Celeb Dirty Laundry, Theo may have assumed Valentin's identity to get his hands on Cassadine's money. Sure, it's a rather imaginative hypothesis, but at ''General Hospital'' we're used to absurd twists and turns. In addition, there remains the mystery linked to the family tree that Valentin brought to Wyndemere following the death (at this point presumed) of Nikolas. The mystery will be solved only if Nikolas speaks, succeeding in exposing Valentin. Will viewers see Nikolas in Port Charles?

All that remains is to follow the next episodes and not miss other interesting ''General Hospital'' spoilers, rumors and updates.