Rumors from Soaps She Knows indicate that Thomas will soon wake up from his coma on "The Bold and the Beautiful," but this will not improve things for his father's marriage. Ridge's animosity towards his wife will grow because she pushed his son over the cliff. Soap Dirt indicates that an insider has confirmed that in mid-September things will get so bad that Brooke's spouse will spend the night with another woman. The name of the female has not been revealed, and it is not known whether the encounter will be romantic or platonic, What has been confirmed by the reliable source is that a new season of the CBS daytime drama begins the week of September 16th, and on the 19th, Ridge stays overnight with a woman who is not his wife.

Ridge may or may not cheat on Brooke

The tension between "Bridge" is mounting and Hope made things worse on Wednesday's "B&B" episode, She told her mom in front of Ridge and Liam that Thomas was not threatening her when they were on the edge of the cliff. Hope told Brooke that she understood how it may have looked as if Thomas was going to do her some harm, but that he was actually apologizing. Upon hearing this, Ridge began to insinuate that his wife had been angry at his son for weeks, and wanted to hurt him.

The tension between the couple is going to send Ridge to another female on September 19th, but it may only be to get away from home, and not to spend the night in her bed. Soap Dirt suggests that it could be Shauna or Quinn, but they are both on Flo's side and Ridge is the one who put Ms.

Fulton in jail. If "The Bold and the Beautiful" holds true to form, it will be Taylor who comforts her ex-husband over their son's dilemma. Whether they end up in bed or not, she will be distraught about her son, and his father will be the best person to understand this.

'B&B' may repeat history yet again

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has repeated history with the love triangle between Taylor, Brooke, and Ridge for decades.

It's been a long time since these three have been in this situation, because in recent years the CBS daytime drama has been focusing on Liam not being able to choose between Steffy and Hope. Even if nothing happens between Ridge and Taylor or another woman, Brooke will become enraged and viewers know that will lead her straight to Bill.

Right now, Bill and Katie are back together, but if history repeats itself, Brooke will go straight to Dollar Bill once Ridge spends the night away from home. Keep watching for clues and be sure to tune in to the new season of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on September 16th and watch on the 19th to see who Ridge spends the night with. It could all be much ado about nothing, or Brooke and her husband may have come to the end of the line in their marriage.