''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) weekly episodes of 2 September aired on NBC will be full of twists and turns that will affect several characters. Eric will be looking for Nicole and Holly. According to TV Source Magazine, thanks to a blanket that belonged to his daughter, Brady will be on the right track to reconnect with the baby and Nicole. Meanwhile, Sarah will be aware of the possibility of losing Eric. The surprises aren't over, as Sarah will find out she's pregnant, but she doesn't know who the father of her child is.

Other weekly ''DOOL'' rumors suggest that there will be the return of Vivian, ready to mess up not a little the plots of the soap opera that for years fascinates fans

On 'Days of Our Lives,' Vivian's return at Salem

''Days of Our Lives" episodes from 2 to 6 September tell that the tension in Salem will be really high. It will be discovered that Vivian is alive. Her return, without a doubt, will upset Jack, Jennifer, and Eric. Meanwhile, Eric Brady will search for Nicole and Holly, after Kristen DiMera's unexpected confession. Fans know that Kristen has admitted that her mother and daughter are alive, without revealing where they are.

Other ''DOOL'' rumors of the week reveal that Eric will have a winning intuition.

Brady will think that Holly and Nicole have been in the city where they live for some time. Eric's research, however, will be stopped by an accomplice of Kristen. Once again, the heroic Ben will solve the problem.

Eric and Nicole reconnect in 'Days of Our Lives' episodes on NBC

The last ''Days of our Lives'' rumors tease that Eric won't let himself be caught up in fear and despair, continuing to look for Holly and Nicole.

It seems that Brady finds an important clue that will lead him to enter an abandoned farm. Here, according to CDL, Eric and Nicole will reconnect and have a lot to say to each other. Later, it turns out that Gabi didn't help poor Julie at the park after she had a heart attack. Luckily, Ciara and Brady will save her and take her to the hospital.

Victor has a deadly plot for Ben in 'DOOL'

In addition, Ciara will be suspicious of a strange job proposal from Brady and will want to investigate it. Other rumors reveal that Sarah will have to resign herself to the idea of losing Eric, as Holly and Nicole are alive. However, it seems that Sarah discovers she is pregnant, even though she doesn't know who her father is. This backstage will completely change the storyline of ''Ericole." Finally, in ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes from September 2 to 6 on NBC, Victor will have a criminal plan to get rid of Ben, what is it? We just have to wait for the next spoilers and rumors of ''Dool'' to find out.