There was never any love lost between Nikolas Cassadine and Jasper Jax on "General Hospital." Even so, rumors say Josslyn's dad may be helping Hayden look for evidence that might indicate Valentin is an imposer. The two have been snooping around Wyndemere, seeking something that is supposedly in the trophy room. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests it is a codicil to a will that would indicate that the presumed dead Cassadine prince and his son are the rightful heirs. Ms. Barnes had a tumultuous relationship with Nick but she formed a strong bond with his only child.

It could be that she is trying to set things right because she loves Spencer.

Hayden and Spencer love each other

Spencer Cassadine felt betrayed by Ava Jerome, but there is a bond that has been unbroken between the young prince and Hayden. Now Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Ms. Barnes and Jax may be doing something to help the tween regain his family inheritance. "GH" rumors from Soap Dirt indicates that everything may be pointing to a Nikolas return, but Jasper and Nick were never friends. it's more than likely that he is helping Hayden in order to best Valentin, whom he loathes, and she is seeking answers because she loves Spencer.

The rumors of a Nikolas return have been floating around since about October 2016.

For almost three years, "General Hospital" viewers have heard various tales. Rumors promised Tyler Christopher would return during the Nurses Balls of 2017 and 2018 but he was a no show. There were later rumors of a recast, but that did not pan out either. Recently, both Ava and Laura were told by psychics that the Cassadine prince was not deceased, so perhaps this time something will take place to prove he is alive.

Jax and Hayden's hidden agenda

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Jax and Hayden are attempting to find proof that Valentin is a usurper. Last week, Carly's ex-husband lamented that if Nina's husband lost everything, then so would she. Hayden fired back that Ms. Reeves inherited a fortune and would be alright. The two discussed how Charlotte's dad was evil but loved his wife.

Jax said he understood because his brother Jerry loved him, but was lethal to everyone else. The hidden agenda of these two may have hit a snag, as on Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Nina called her boss out for having a secret file on Cassandra Pierce, who injected Sasha with Avian flu.

Nina accused Jax of being a liar and deceiving her, so there is no way he will be invited to Wyndemere again. There is always a chance that Obrecht might be bribed to help look for the information as she has a crush on Jax and despises Valentin. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC and find out if Hayden is doing all this for Spencer or if there is a different agenda, and if Nikolas eventually returns.