''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) new episodes next week broadcast on NBC will shake up the most intriguing storylines. Nicole and Holly are alive and Eric Brady will be hugging his ex very soon.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, in fact, on September 5 Sarah will have a burning revelation to make. In all likelihood, Sarah will say she is pregnant. If the child's father was Brady, a new drama for ''Ericole'' is on the horizon. Sarah and Eric may decide to end their relationship now that Nicole's alive. After all, Brady has never stopped loving her ex.

Afterward, ''DOOL'' fans will see Vivian's return from the dead. Kate will be shocked. Vivian could turn the situation around and blackmail Kate for attempted murder. It would be too easy to go to the police, especially for a woman as complicated as Vivian.

'Days of Our Lives' week of September 6: Eric finds Nicole

In the upcoming ''Days of Our Lives'' new episodes, Eric Brady will face many complicated situations. Holly and Nicole are alive and fans are eager to see them in Salem. Eric and Sarah will have to confront each other now that the truth has emerged. Both are aware that their relationship will change now that Nicole is about to return. Eric and Sarah will be talking for a long time and, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, they may decide to separate.

Scene twist in the week from September 2-6. Eric will hug Nicole back. The reconnection will be really exciting. However, Nicole may have some doubts as to why Eric Brady didn't figure out in time that she was alive.

Sarah may be pregnant but who's the father?

According to the latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sarah may be pregnant.

In the episode of September 5, Sarah will have to make a burning revelation to Brady. If she was really pregnant, one wonders who her father is, Eric Brady or Rex? Let's remember that this is an assumption, as the source points out.

Vivian's return in 'Days of Our Lives'

Other interesting ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors tell us that Kate will get an important job.

As a result, she will move into the DiMera house, flaunting her new good position of power with Stefan. However, there will be an unexpected twist that will alarm Kate. Vivian will return from the dead.

Vivian will most likely have a lot to say about Kate, who may be charged with attempted murder. Vivian could blackmail Kate, a much more tempting solution than going directly to the police.

So don't miss the next ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes on NBC, stay tuned for other spoilers, news, and updates.