''Days Of Our Lives'' (DOOL) rumors for next two weeks put Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) at the centre of attention. According to Celebdirtylaundry, the secret of the fake Nicole is about to be discovered. Will and Sonny will join forces to find the evidence to unmask Kristen and knock her out. Obviously, they think Kristen is dead and they won't understand why Xander received payments from her. It will be the first important test that will lead to the truth. John and Marlena's anniversary celebrations will be tinged with horror because of the dangerous Kristen.

In the next two weeks, Tony will be arrested, while two fantastic and unexpected heroes will save Gabi and Stefan. Another twist is on Xander, who will admit that Holly is alive. Chloe will receive a fantastic offer that will take her away from Salem. What will happen now?

'Days Of Our Lives': Sonny and Will understand that Kristen is alive

In the next ''Days of Our Lives,'' episodes broadcast on NBC, Will, and Sonny will continue to investigate the payments received from Xander. How is it possible that it was Kristen? The two of them will start to suspect that the wicked DiMera isn't dead and is out causing trouble. Meanwhile, John and Marlena will celebrate their 33rd anniversary in Doug's Place.

During the reception, they will talk about Kristen. In addition, Eli will make a phone call that will give a twist. After reflecting on the various clues, John will understand that DiMera is alive and hiding somewhere.

''Celeb Dirty Laundry'' rumors claim that the fake Nicole will be furious when she learns that John has unmasked her.

At that point, she will become violent. Marlena, as a result, may find herself in danger.

'DOOL' next episodes on NBC: Xander confirms Holly's survival

Other "Days of Our Lives" interesting rumors claim that Xander, unable to keep the secret of Holly's death, will say that the child is alive. Afterward, Kristen and Jack will have a heated confrontation about the possibility that she won't go to prison.

Eric, frightened, will believe that accepting Kristen's conditions is the right choice to have no problems. Jack, Jennifer, and Eric will travel to Chicago to find crucial information about Holly.

In the next "DOOL" episodes, Tony will be arrested. Later, Gabi and Stefan will still be in trouble because of Kristen but will be saved by two mysterious heroes. Most likely, they are Sonny and Will who, after careful investigation, will understand where the hostages are. Finally, the last ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors referring to the episodes of the next two weeks reveal that Chloe could leave Salem because of a shocking and fantastic offer. Stay tuned for other spoilers and update.