''Days of Our Lives'' (DOOL) episodes from August 26 to September 6, will be full of unexpected revelations and backstage. According to rumors of ''Soap Dirt'' and ''Celeb Dirty Laundry'', Eric will leave to find Holly and Nicole again. It will then be discovered that the real Nicole was aware of Kristen DiMera's plan. In order to protect her daughter, she let Kristen arrive in Salem in her likeness. Later, Gabi will discover a secret about Stefan. In the week of August 26-30, Gabi will not help Julie, who will have a heart attack while walking in the park.

Will the old woman die? Next, Victor then decides to ruin Ben forever. To reach his dark goal, he will turn to Xander, offering him a large sum of money. However, Xander, tired of committing criminal acts, seems to want to refuse the assignment. However, it is not excluded that, attracted by the charm of money, he may change his mind.

'Days of Our Lives': Nicole knew all

The ''Days Of Our Lives'' rumors of the week from 26 to 30 August tell us that Salem will be shaken by various new developments. Finally, Eric will discover that Holly and Nicole are alive. Kristen DiMera couldn't complete her plan and now they'll be in trouble. Brady will listen to her confession and be speechless. Of course, she'll want to know all the details, but the wicked DiMera is not going to cooperate without an agreement that will come in handy.

The latest news about Holly and Nicole will also reach Maggie, Sarah, and Eric.

It will also emerge that the real Nicole knew everything. To protect Holly, she accepted the fact that Kristen arrived in Salem and, with a rubber mask, assumed her identity.

Other ''Days of Our Lives'' rumors of the week from 26 to 30 August say that Eric will leave immediately for Chicago, hoping to find Nicole and Holly.

Meanwhile Gabi, after confessing to Stefan that she fell in love with him, will make a disturbing discovery.

Gabi risks killing Julie in next 'Days of Our Lives' episodes

Fans of "DOOL" will witness a creepy scene. Julie will fall lifeless to the ground in the park. Gabi will do nothing to save her and abandon her to her fate.

Fortunately, the elderly woman will be helped by Ben and Ciara, who will take her to the hospital. Stefan will be immediately informed of his mother's serious condition. Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors reveal that Victor will interfere in the relationship between Ciara and Ben, determined to separate them. To achieve his goal, he will ask Xander for help. Despite the amount of money he will be offered, Xander will not give an immediate response to Victor.

Will he change his mind? We just have to wait for the next ''Days of Our Lives'', spoilers, news, and updates.