Soap Dirt is reporting that they have the scoop from a "General Hospital" set insider regarding Billy Miller. The rumor is that the three-time Emmy winner was not written out of the ABC daytime drama, but that he chose not to renew his contract. A few weeks ago Miller's co-star Kelly Monaco posted a tweet that raised eyebrows and caused fans to believe the man who portrayed Andrew Cane may have been fired. Monaco promised more detail but to date has remained silent. The theory behind the popular actor's leaving is that he refused to participate in the memory mapping storyline, but Roger Howarth, AKA Franco had no problem playing the part.

Billy Miller allegedly walked away from GH

Soaps She Knows, Soap Dirt and other rumors had been saying for about a month that Billy Miller was leaving his role as Drew on "General Hospital." Last week the character left Port Charles to find Andre Maddox to reverse the memory mapping that left Franco with Andrew Cane's memories. This is allegedly the last time fans will see Oscar's dad and he is supposed to go missing in Afghanistan. A few weeks back Kelly Monaco's tweet caused quite a stir. She has not come forth with the information she promised about her castmate, but Soap Dirt has.

The rumor is that Billy Miller did not want his character's previous memories reinserted, so he did not renew his "General Hospital" contract.

This will be disappointing to fans who have been waiting for Andrew Cane to recall his past life. Soap Dirt gives no reason why the actor did not like the storyline, but only say a reliable set insider insists this is what happened. Roger Howarth, on the other hand, was excited for his character Franco to be involved in the memory mapping storyline.

If this information is correct, then it Drew's fans will be disappointed.

Billy Miller silent on 'GH' exit

"General Hospital" viewers will probably still be waiting for Kelly Monaco's explanation since she is the one who brought it up. They will also probably wonder what reason Billy Miller had for not wanting Drew to remember bis past.

Soap Dirt points out that the three-time Emmy winner should have had a better exit, but concur that his refusal to go with the storyline may explain why he went into an elevator, never to be seen again.

Billy Miller has not made any comment regarding his leaving "General Hospital" and until he sets the record straight the viewing audience will continue to speculate. One rumor that has been floating around for some time is that he will reprise his role as Billy Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" and that Jason Thompson will return to Port Charles as Patrick Drake. Be on the lookout for updates from both Monaco, Miller, and spoiler alerts because one or the other is sure to come.