Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting an incredible plot on "General Hospital" based on information they received from a spoiler. Wyatt, the young boy who saw Peter in the cabin in the woods is set to return to the ABC daytime drama. On September 5, Obrecht is going to go off the rails in some manner. No details have been provided but CDL is saying that Liesl may revert to form and kidnap Franco in an attempt to save him. On Tuesday she slapped her good friend in the face and told him to snap out of it, but he wanted nothing to do with her. She may believe if she gets him away from everyone that she can assist in restoring Bobby Frank's own memories.

Liesl is desperate to save Franco

Liesl Obrecht told Franco on Tuesday that he may be her only true friend. "Dranco" had no memory of her and maintained his stone-cold chief petty officer Drew Cane demeanor. Dr. O was angry when she left but she was also very hurt. She and Elizabeth's husband have become very good friends and understand each other's crazy side. She let her guard down during the celebration on the Haunted Star, while intoxicated, and almost admitted that Wiley is not Shiloh's son.

Franco balances Obrecht and she is not such a terror in Port Charles because of the friendship. Now, however, without her BFF, she is lost. CDL implies that the return of young Wyatt, along with the rumor of Liesl doing something crazy on September 5 are connected.

It is being suggested that Dr. O might kidnap her good friend, just as she did Peter, and try to help him regain his own memories. "General Hospital" viewers know that the cabin where 'Henrik" was being held burned to the ground, but Scott's son could be held in one of the other facilities located in the wooded area.

Obrecht on the loose

The rumors of Liesl Obrecht kidnapping Fanco may not pan out for one important reason. Chief petty officer Andrew Cane would have no reason to trust the doctor or put himself in a situation where she could get the upper hand on him. It's also possible that Wyatt could show up at "General Hospital" for a medical check-up, or to visit someone.

It's possible that on September 5, Dr. O may turn on Brad, Valentin, Hayden, or even Jasper Jax. What is known is that the woman who is a loving aunt to Nina and a doting grandma to little James will soon be on the loose, so Port Charles residents had better brace themselves.

Liesl knows that Sasha is not her niece's daughter and that Wiley belongs to Michael and Nelle. She is also withholding from Valentin and Nina that Hayden Barnes has been snooping around Wyndemere. Any one of these secrets could cause some problems next week. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST and be sure not to miss the episode on Thursday, September 5. Soap Dirt says Jason will deliver bad news to his mother on August 28, which is probably related to Drew going missing. This could set in motion the events with Obrecht and Franco, so keep watching to find out for sure.