"Counting On" fans heard about the upcoming birth of Derick and Jill's first son, Israel in 2014. Born the next year, he's grown into a cute-looking kid. He, along with his little brother Samuel, often feature in photos of the couple these days. While haters often mom-shame Jill for her parenting, mostly, they both look like two ordinary little boys, who often do cute things together. The two boys did some outdoor chores, and Jill shared how they washed their horse.

Jill and Derick Dillard don't feature on 'Counting On'

While Jill and Derick no longer feature in TLC's "Counting On" show, they still update people on their blogs and on Instagram.

In fact, Jill often posts up photos of her recipes and then directs fans to the site where they can make them for themselves. The trouble is that the couple doesn't only have fans. In fact, they seem to manage to garner a lot of haters. That's mainly from two facts: Firstly, followers hate that Derick spoke out homophobically against transgender Jazz Jennings.

The second issue is that "blanket training" is something that some people believe Jill does with her kids. Then there are other issues as many people are not religious and the Duggar Family is very religious. Sadly, those haters often steal the thunder from "Counting On" fans who genuinely resonate with their 'Christian' values. However, usually the little kids get left off the haters' comments on social media.

Possibly, even haters won't find anything to gripe about over the latest IG story Jill shared of her two boys.

Wash the car, wash the horse, decide Jill Dillard's kids

Jill Dillard took to her Instagram stories Tuesday night and shared two cute pictures of her boys. They were out in the yard with buckets and cloths. Jill posted the first one, that showed the kids cleaning their ride-on car toys.

Obviously, it's summer and the little guys are barefoot and enjoying themselves. Jill captioned it with, "Car wash currently happening ;-)"

The next photo shared to "Counting On" fans showed both the boys after washing their cars. Jill posted how they also "washed their horse." Of course, she's referring to the toy rocking horse in the backyard.

They don't actually own a real horse. Later, Jill also shared one of her recipes that she planned for their meal. We know from past posts that the kids love her sweet potato chips. After their hard work cleaning the car and the horse in the yard, no doubt those cute kids worked up an appetite.

Other 'Counting On' news, Jinger and Jeremy in Los Angeles

In other news about the "Counting On" family, Jeremy and Jinger kept fans updated on their recent move to Los Angeles. TV Shows Ace reported that Jeremy Vuolo posted up a cute video of his daughter Felicity.

He explained that Felicity enjoyed riding on the suitcase, as he carefully guided her around. They reminded readers that Jeremy spilled the tea on their relocation, as the film crew traveled with them. It looks like the next season will feature their big move to California from Laredo, Texas.

What did you think of the cute pictures showing Jill Dillard's kids cleaning the cars and washing the horse? Do you think Jill deserves all the mom-shaming she gets? After all, they look like perfectly normal little boys in these photos.

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