"Counting On" fans know that Jessa Seewald had her third baby and fans of the TLC show wonder why she's so quiet on Instagram. Meanwhile, Lauren and Josiah Duggar expect a baby. Married just over a year, the couple still seems crazy in love but they suffered the loss of a previous baby back in February. So, it's a bit sad to hear from Lauren that her second pregnancy has not been an easy one for her. Of course, her fans really pray that all goes well with their expected little girl.

Jessa Seewald's baby and silence on IG from the 'Counting On' mom

Jessa Seewald produced her third child and first daughter back in May. TLCMe reported, "Ben explains that the couple was "surprised but excited" about the new addition, and that they both assumed it would be another little boy!" However, fans have not seen many posts over on Jessa's Instagram. We saw the initial photos, and the sad one showing little Ivy Jane with her great grandmother. She and Mary were the only Duggars who shared a birthday.

Photos kept coming, and then one day, they just stopped. The last post Jessa made for her "Counting On" fans came on July 10. That picture showed Ivy and Jessa put a sweet caption on it, She said, "I pretty much only give her a pacifier for car rides, so she’s not super good at taking it— but every time it goes in her mouth, she puts both little fists up on her cheeks." Despite many fans asking where Jessa went to and when she's returning to IG, Jessa remained silent.

Fans of 'Counting On' ask about Jessa on Lauren and Josiah's pregnancy post

Lauren and Josiah's Instagram's a bit more active as they anticipate the arrival of their baby girl. So, desperate for some answers about Jessa, one Counting On fan,@msdeenyc, wrote on Lauren's post, "Congrats & God Bless ... if I may, is @jessaseewald ok?

she used to post all the time ~ hoping she is [okay]."

Well, the answer came back from user account @the_duggarss (Duggar Family Fan), that 'Her life is a lot...busier now with three kids as opposed to two. It was easier for her to be active on social media with two kids, now she has her hands full." Well, that makes a lot of sense, but I'm pretty sure that we'll hear more from Jessa as her little one grows up.

Lauren Duggar's not having an easy time with her pregnancy

On the post where fans of "Counting On" asked about Jessa Seewald, it came out that Lauren's not having an easy pregnancy. Sharing a photo of her in a lovely blue and white dress, Lauren wrote, "Life is such a gift and something I cherish more now, with all that we have gone through this past year. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy. I treasure every moment and I am reminded daily that life is truly a miracle from God."

Of course, many followers came up with words of encouragement for Lauren. Here's what some of them said to her:

  • @leahjarvis80: "I'm beyond happy for you two. I've had four miscarriages and now not able to carry. It makes my heart so full to see precious gifts God gives. May you and your family continue to be blessed."
  • @kt_dmt: "You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I’ve prayed that you have a safe delivery of this precious little one!!!!!!"
  • @ericadowdy2014: "Congratulations you are beautiful!! Pregnancy is such a blessing, it’s hard but in the end it’s such a reward to hold the little one that God, you and your husband have created ❤️❤️ praying for your pregnancy."
  • @millirons22: "Awww I’m sorry this pregnancy hasn’t been easy. I understand I had several of those myself. Hang in there pretty girl the end result is so worth all the heartache and pain!"

Well, so many people pray Lauren Duggar through her pregnancy, that hopefully, once the little girl arrives, everything will be just fine for the couple.

What do you think about Lauren not having an easy pregnancy? Did you also experience this type of thing? Are you glad to hear there's nothing wrong with Jessa Seewald and she's just quiet on Instagram because she's a busy mom with three kids these days?

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