Willow Tate's life is one big mess on "General Hospital" and will not improve anytime soon. The one constant she could depend on was her relationship with Harrison Chase, but now that may be in jeopardy. Last week Lulu had a heart-to-heart with the former school teacher about the pitfalls of loving a police officer. Willow is considering what she was told and it may cause her to walk away from the detective she recently admitted she was in love with. Mrs Falconeri's warning may be words of wisdom for her own love life and she might not end up dating Chase as previous spoilers suggested.

It looks like things are falling in place for Michael to end up with the woman who really has his heart...while is good friend may end up out in the cold.

Willow's life will become more complicated

"General Hospital" viewers know that Willow's life is filled with complications and she is at the center of several current storylines. Soap Dirt reveals that Brad will continue to try to hide the truth that Wiley is Michael and Nelle's son and has gotten up the nerve to blackmail Obrecht. When this truth comes out, Ms Tate will be shocked to learn her baby died and be horrified that Brad, who she thought was a friend was lying to her. She may also find that she will not have Chase on her side according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Lulu shared with Willow last week, how difficult it is being married to a police officer. Later Ms Tate freaked out when she got the message that Chase was at "General Hospital." Willow thought that he had been hurt but found it was all a miscommunication. CDL, however, is saying that when everything hits the fan regarding Wiley, it will be Michael she turns to and not the police detective.

Michael has been there all along assisting the former school teacher whenever he could. He respected boundaries after she began dating Chase and he moved on with Sasha. He will experience his own heartbreak when Ms.Gilmore is revealed as a fraud.

'GH' creates confusion with Chase, Willow. Michael, Sasha, Lulu.

"General Hospital" has Willow in the midst of a love triangle with Michael and Chase.

Mr Corinthos is caught between Sasha and Ms Tate. Lulu Falconeri is on the periphery. When the truth comes out that Sasha is not Nina's biological daughter this will devastate Michael and be one more reason for him to bond with Willow. For a while. Spoilers suggested that Lulu would move on with Chase, but her statements to Sasha may be very telling.

Giving a warning about dating law enforcement officials may indicate that Dante's soon-to-be-ex will not go down that road again. It could, however, suggest that Lulu understands the dangers of being a cop's wife and is able to handle the stress. If this is the case, then there is a possibility that she and her husband's former partner may find their way to each other. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Only time will tell where the romantic lives of Lulu. Chase. Willow, Michael, and Sasha may take them.