On "The Bold and the Beautiful" as each new detail comes forth regarding the baby switch, relationships become jeopardized. Viewers realized that Thomas was never going to win Hope's heart, and soon he will be out of her life for good. The truth that Phoebe is Beth seems to be drawing Liam closer to Hope, as a distraught Steffy's world is crumbling. Brooke and Ridge each are siding with their own daughter and this is causing a rift in their marriage. Wyatt, who kicked Sally to the curb for Flo, has now sent Ms, Fulton packing. On Friday he was trying to worm his way back into Ms.

Spectra's life.

Baby swap aftermath brings heartbreak

"B&B" spoilers from Soap Hub indicate that the fallout from the baby swap will continue, and affect even more relationships. Wyatt dumped Flo once he found out what she did to Liam and Hope. Ms. Fulton's heart is broken and on Friday Wyatt went crawling back to Sally who he hurt deeply by leaving her for Flo. Soap Dirt indicates that things are really going to become difficult for Brooke and Ridge and may lead to the end of their marriage. Ridge wants Flo, Zoe, and Shauna locked up but desires leniency for his son.

The spoilers say that Brooke believes her stepson should face the music like everyone else, but while they are bickering the decision will be made for them.

By the end of the week, Thomas will make another attempt to kidnap Hope and the police will be involved. He will be arrested and it will out of his father's hands. This leaves Liam once again in the middle of the familiar "B&B" love triangle but he seems to be drawn more to Beth's mother at this time than Steffy, who bore him Kelly.

'B&B' destroying lives with Beth/Phoebe reveal

The revelation that Phoebe is Beth ha brought joy to her parents, but many lives are being destroyed. Emma's death is the worst thing to happen thus far, because of the baby switch. Regarding relationships, Xander and Zoe breaking up was the first casualty, which seems to have set a trend.

In addition to defending his son, Ridge wants Steffy to have more time with Beth, while Brooke believes Hope should take possession of her child immediately. There does not seem to be any way at this time that this couple can compromise so they probably eventually will split.

Whether Sally takes Wyatt back or not, he is most likely done with Flo and Liam is probably going to choose Hope yet again. When "The Bold and the Beautiful" had Hope pushing for Liam to go back to Steffy, many viewers expressed their opinions that he would return to Hope once they had Beth back. For Thomas to drug Liam so that he slept with Steffy was pretty cruel and will only add to her confusion and heartbreak.