"The Bold and the Beautiful" has moved right along without Rick Forrester or Deacon Sharpe. The roles have not been recast, which indicates their portrayer could possibly return to the CBS daytime drama at a later date. Deacon was last seen being carted off to jail, for shooting at Quinn. Rick left for Paris with Maya and Lizzie, but they returned to LA without him and now the couple is divorced. In the meantime, Soaps She Knows says Sean Kanan and Jacob Young are currently busy with other projects. Both soap veterans are currently working on movie projects due out later this year.

Jacob Young stars in Lifetime holiday movie

Jacob Young is known to daytime drama viewers for portraying Lucky Spencer on "General Hospital" and Rick Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He and his wife Maya, along with their daughter Lizzie went to Paris to work for the International Forrester Creations division. The couple was off-screen for quite some time when Maya came home without her husband. She said that Rick had divorced her so she and Lizzie returned to LA. Young is slated to portray a character by the name of Mark, in the Lifetime holiday movie "The Road Home for Christmas."

"B&B" viewers would love to see Rick return home, as his family is in a real crisis at this time. His sister Hope was just reunited with the baby she thought had died, and his mom Brooke's marriage may fall apart because she had her spouse Ridge will be on opposite sides of the fallout related to Hope's child.

It would be nice to see Rick reunited with Maya, who has not had a major storyline since coming back to LA. In the meantime, Jacob Young fans can catch him this holiday season on the Hallmark channel.

Sean Kanan to star in 'Colonials'

Sean Kanan originated the role of A.J. Quartermaine on "General Hospital," and has portrayed bad boy Deacon Sharp on both "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." This lovable but unpredictable character is always full of mischief.

Deacon was last seen going to jail because he took a few shots at Quinn Forrester and he has not been mentioned since. Hope is his biological daughter and she could use his support right now. Soap Dirt indicates that Thomas will cause more trouble for the woman he recently married and Mr. Sharp would be a worthy adversary as far as craziness goes.

Soaps She Knows says that Sean Kanan is co-starring in an upcoming Sci-Fi movie called "Colonials." The film centers around a colonist from Mars who crash lands on earth. Kanan will portray a character by the name of Zeke but no other details have been made available. The actor relayed this information to his twitter fans according to the "GH" spoiler and will give more information such as venue and release date in the future.