On Wednesday’s episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Liam realized that Phoebe is actually his daughter Beth. He also figured out that whatever went down took place in Catalina. From this point, the revelations should begin to come fast and furious. Douglas told Liam that Thomas is the one who said Phoebe is really Beth. The Forrester heir swore his son to silence, but the child told Steffy and Liam that his mommy said he should always tell the truth. This particular set of facts might devastate Steffy. Latest "B&B" rumors indicate she will have to give up her daughter, become estranged from her brother and might also lose Liam in the process.

Liam knows the truth, Steffy bewildered

The look on Steffy’s face, when Liam said Flo never gave birth was one of bewilderment. She asked him what it all meant, and she clearly did not like the answer she received. "The Bold and the Beautiful" has opened a Pandora’s box, and all sorts of evil may come to the Spencer/Forrester/Logan clans. Although Taylor was innocent in the baby switch, Brooke will probably blame her anyway. Flo will more than likely lose her job, her new family and Wyatt. Steffy may have to give her daughter to Hope and deal with her brother’s deception as well.

"B&B" rumors indicate that Liam will keep digging until he uncovers all the facts and along with each new revelation comes much sorrow.

Liam knows at this point that Beth did not die and was sold to Steffy under the guise of adoption. He Knows Dr. Buckingham told Hope their child died but had no idea about Emma, Xander and Zoe’s involvement. Liam will leave no stone unturned, and "B&B" viewers will enjoy watching him find out why his child was substituted for a dead one.

Steffy will be hurt most by her brother's actions

Eventually, according to rumors, "The Bold and the Beautiful" will reveal all of the evil that Thomas has done. Steffy will find out that the only reason Liam is in her home and her bed is because her brother drugged him. She will realize her sibling manipulated both her and Hope for his own selfish purposes.

Being reunited with Beth could reunite her parents, but that’s not the worst that could happen to Steffy. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggested last week that Bill Spencer could be revealed as Kelly’s father.

It looks like Steffy will be the one to suffer the most by her brother/s actions, as well as her own, Previews, show Flo telling Brooke about the baby switch which implies this situation is heading towards a conclusion. Keep in mind that Brad Bell said there would be a number of twists and turns and that the grand final will be during November Sweeps.