During June, fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" were pondering something on social media. They addressed the issue of what really happened to Caroline Spencer. Thomas just showed up in LA and told everyone that she died of an aneurysm. His story was accepted and one ever said much more about her, Dollar Bill Spencer did not even check into the death of his niece and now viewers suspect that Ridge and Taylor's son may have killed her. Thomas ran Emma off the road, which led to her death and her uncle Justin Barber was only shown once, crying as he got the news from his sister.

The baby swap storyline has taken up much screen time in recent weeks, but at some point, it may come out that Thomas is worse than everyone thought.

Caroline's death sidelined

Caroline Spencer was living in New York and off the screen on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Thomas could have returned to LA and left Douglas with his mom, as he had before. There is probably a reason the little boy's mother was killed off, that has yet to be revealed. Executive producer Brad Bell promised many twists and turns to the baby swap storyline and said it would not be concluded until November. Viewers know that Thomas once set a house on fire and blew up a vehicle. The character showed a different side to his personality when he began dating Sally Spectra and became her hero.

Thomas decided to move to New York with his baby mama and raise their son together, but when he returned to LA he told a shocking story. He explained that he and Caroline were not living as a couple and had only been co-parenting their son. He said she died suddenly of an aneurysm and no one questioned him. Almost immediately "B&B" had little Douglas's dad fixating on Hope.

It's possible something went wrong in the Big Apple and he decided Caroline had to die so he could marry the woman he truly loves. Caroline's death being sidelined may be the end of it, or perhaps something related to her demise is one of the twists and turns that is coming soon.

Dollar Bill and Justin on 'B&B' back burner because of Thomas

Neither Justin nor dollar Bill has been on screen for quite some time on "The Bold and the Beautiful." When the truth comes out that Thomas was responsible for Emma's death, surely her uncle will be involved in the storyline at some point. Now that Phoebe has been revealed as Beth, Dollar Bill should be consulted because after all, this is his granddaughter. Spoilers don't mention either of the men in upcoming episodes, but they need to be involved with what is going on.

Now that viewers know Thomas went so far as to kill Emma, it's not a stretch to think he had something to do with Caroline's death as well. Until spoilers give a clue, or something is said onscreen, all "B&B" viewers can do is watch and wait.

Those who faithfully watch daytime drama are often correct in their hunches about characters, so don't be surprised if it turns out that Emma Barbour was not the first person whose death was caused by Thomas Forrester,