Arrow” is expected to be a lot different for the upcoming season as the hit show is coming to an end without the presence of Emily Bett Rickards. Season seven ends with Oliver heading out with the Monitor to help with the upcoming crisis predicted, to claim his life. The future scenes reveal Oliver does indeed die and ends with Felicity leaving with the Monitor. “Arrow” has split its present day with flashbacks revolving around Oliver's five years spent away while also exploring significant pasts of various characters before season seven shifted into flashforwards about a future Star City left in chaos and a new Glades where Rene is the mayor.

The flashforwards also introduce the grown-up children of Oliver as they work together to find Felicity and save the city.

In addition to Rickards, Echo Kellum and Colton Haynes have both departed the show with Kellum leaving in the middle of season seven and Haynes recently announced as no longer being a series regular. Haynes plays Roy Harper who first appearance was in season one. The character soon became a series regular before briefly leaving the series. The actor appeared throughout in various episodes before returning as a series regular last season. Showrunner Beth Schwartz shares her hope that the actor will return during the last season while Haynes shares on Twitter that he hasn't been asked to return, though did say that Roy is never gone for long.

Kellum plays Curtis Holt and was last seen leaving for Washington to propose to his boyfriend. The actor shared a photo of him on Instagram, with the “Arrow” logo in the back and the caption teasing that he's up to something that has nothing to do with acting. Katie Cassidy will be taking on a new role this season as the actor is set to make her directorial debut for episode three.

David Ramsey is also on board to direct an episode after making his directing debut last season.

Returning favorites

Ben Lewis who plays the adult William and Katherine McNamara who plays Mia have both been promoted as series regulars for the upcoming season. Charlie Barnett has been cast as JJ, the son of Lyla and Diggle, who has been teased throughout the flashforwards.

The final episodes will focus on his tension with his adoptive brother Connor Hawke. Joseph David-Jones who plays Connor has also been promoted to series regular.

In addition to the new cast, the upcoming season will see the return of several fan-favorites. Colin Donnell is set to return but no word yet on who exactly he will be playing. Donnell has guest-starred throughout the show since his departure following the season one finale. Stephen Amell teases during TCA that Tommy may be gone on their Earth but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist on another. Donnell adds during an interview to TV Guide that fans may be seeing him as they've been wanting to see him for a while. Josh Segarra is also set to return but it's also unclear how the actor will factor into the last season.

Another surprising reprisal is Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen who will be seen in the final season premiere. Rila Fukushima who was last seen in season four is also set to be returning and through a report made by EW the actor will be in the second episode called “Welcome to Hong Kong.”

Calling back to past seasons

Stephen Amell shares during TCA that the show as fans know it will now be fundamentally different with the departure of Emily Bett Rickards and goes on to explain that the final episodes are constructed to have each episode wrap up a facet of the show's mythology. Beth Schwartz adds that the season will be featuring their greatest hits which will include guest stars from seasons past and tying up stories that could go back as early as season two.

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim shares to Green Arrow TV that the last season will be a love letter to the fans which Rick Gonzalez echoes during an interview with TVLine. The showrunner teases to Deadline about the final three episodes of the season which will see the crossover occurring in episode eight and goes on to describe episode nine as very specific and unrelated to the crossover. Episode ten will be the proper series finale.

Schwartz tells EW that everything builds up to the events taking place in the crossover with Guggenheim adding that each episode leading to “Crisis” will explore the various stages of grief that Oliver is going through. Stephen Amell shares with TVLine that the new season will have a buddy cop feel to it but not necessarily between Oliver and the Monitor while Katie Cassidy shares that Laurel will be working with a partner but the cast doesn't give away who it is.

In addition to the final episodes, the CW is planning a tribute special to celebrate “Arrow” as well as “Supernatural.”

The network has released the upcoming crossover schedule which kicks off with “Supergirl” on December 8 and is followed by “Batwoman" on December 9 and “The Flash” on December 10. The crossover will feature a brief hiatus before returning with “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow” on January 14. The upcoming final season will consist of ten episodes and will return October 15.