Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" are suggesting a shocking plot twist that may exonerate Adam as Delia's killer. New head writer Josh Griffith may have a method to the madness of revisiting the death of Billy and Chloe's daughter. It's being suggested that Victor may have allowed his son to take the fall for his wife, who was driving drunk at the time the little girl was hit. Griffith left the CBS daytime drama before the storyline played out and he may have desired a different scenario. There is a reason someone is trying to gaslight Billy and placing reminders of his child are all over the place.

'Y&R' revisits troubling past

Soap Dirt indicates that current "Y&R" head writer Josh Griffith is the one who wrote the storyline that led to the death of Billy and Chloe's daughter, He did not, however, remain with the show long enough to see it through to the end. The rumor suggests that Adam killing the child may not have been what Griffith wanted, and now he is attempting to set things right. Nikki Newman was driving drunk on the road that night and she could have been the person whose vehicle hit the little girl. Soap Dirt says Victor may have allowed Adam to take the fall for his beloved wife.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Victor will be busy trying to keep Adam in line and look out for his grandsons Connor and Christian.

On Monday he stated that his medical treatment was working so his health seems to be on the mend. Josh Griffith has promised the focus would be on core families on "The Young and the Restless" and a Delia plot twist would have the Newmans front and center. For weeks someone has been trying to make Billy think his daughter is sending him messages from beyond the grave, and the little girl is mentioned frequently now.

There must be a reason Griffith is revisiting this troubling past tragedy.

'Y&R' needs to put Delia to rest

Viewers were shocked when "The Young and the Restless" killed Delia off and later had Chloe attempt to murder Adam. The little girl's death has affected everyone in the Abbott and Newman families since she died. If rumors are correct and Victor has been protecting Nikki all this time, the fallout will be huge, Adam will be free of guilt and Kevin, Billy, and Chloe will have to bury the hatchet.

The Newman patriarch and his wife will be the ones in the doghouse and everything in Genoa City will shift.

Victor Newman allowing Adam to take the fall for Nikki would be pretty low even for him. Adam has endured years of guilt and being the town pariah because it's believed he killed Delia. Someone, possibly Kevin is trying to run Billy crazy and push him into harming the man he thinks caused his daughter's death. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to find out if there is validity in this latest rumors.