Regular fans love how Dylan Dreyer and Al Roker open the third hour of “Today” with timely topics from the morning headlines. The same fans usually stay tuned for Jenna Bush Hager and her genuine, down-to-earth take on all manner of subjects that arise between her and her guest co-host. Since Hoda Kotb has been on her extended maternity leave with a second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, a cavalcade of familiar “Today” regulars and Celebrities have been in rotation with Hager. Hoda did find time to send very sweet congratulations to Dylan Dreyer last week in response to the happy news of Dreyer's second son with husband, Brian Fichera, due in January.

Dylan Dreyer took it upon herself this morning, July 22, to defend New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, as a parent and a fan. Her defense led to a spirited discussion on over apologizing, and veteran host, Al Roker, grudgingly made amends to Craig Melvin.

Jenna Bush Hager, on the other hand, had a delightful time with her daughters, seeing the latest incarnation of “The Lion King,” and perhaps becoming a little too captivated. She also wasn't too high on “tech etiquette.”

An abundance of over-apologizing

Dreyer openly confessed to being a Tom Brady fan, but she also tied the weekend backlash to Brady's posting of a dive with daughter, Vivian, 6, in Costa Rica to her own upbringing. “I’ve had a million experiences like this as a child,” Dreyer recalled.

“I might say I wanted to do something, and then feel like chickening out, and my dad would say ‘I got you.’ He’s got her,” explained Dylan Dreyer of Brady.

Al Roker chimed in that the jump did not appear that high and, in Roker’s view, Brady guided his daughter safely away from the rocks by his grasp.

Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has joined a chorus of criticizers for papa Brady’s choice of outdoor excursion, Craig Melvin and guest co-host, Jacob Soboroff wondered aloud if American society is seeking too many apologies in general.

Stories about children spilling wine and selling substandard lemonade have recently gained attention. The hosts speculated as to whether obligatory apologies are needed.

Al Roker landed on the side of an apology in the case of anyone being hurt or actual property damage.

Craig Melvin playfully asked if Al could think of anyone else who deserved an apology. The affable weatherman hemmed and hawed, and then finally admitted that he had poked fun at his MSNBC and NBC cohort earlier in the morning. Melvin had lost his place when reading from the desk and a noticeable guffaw followed. Roker admitted chuckling and summoned up an audible “I'm sorry” for the cameras. Dylan Dreyer reminded, “Don’t go after Al, because Twitter will come after you.” No hard feelings are to be found between Melvin and Roker, who share a mutual admiration for one another.

Swept up by Simba

Besides her professional duties at Studio 1A of “Today” every weekday, Jenna Bush Hager is just weeks away from welcoming her first son into the world, along with making all the memories she can with his big sisters, Mila and Poppy.

She had an on-air baby shower last week, so she described that this past weekend was a fun time of sharing the newly-released “live-action” version of “The Lion King” with her girls.

During their usual banter, both Jenna and Natalie Morales commented on the sad ending of this rendition, like the original animated version. As Jenna Bush Hager continued to marvel over particular scenes, giving credit to the filmmakers, it became clear that the host believed real lions and real cubs were involved in the process, not just computer-generated graphic effects.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy was pictured on a split-screen and teased that having two lions across a stream from one another pause at precisely the same time to look into each other's eyes would be impossible in nature.

He gave Jenna one of those good-natured “you might be a redneck” looks.

“I thought they might have used real pictures or footage of lions, and fixed it” Hager offered. She truly seemed stunned that the new Simba was computer-created.

A genuine case of mommy-brain was affecting Jenna Bush Hager in a game of proper “tech etiquette.” When asked if a conversation with a real person should be interrupted by a phone call, she naturally responded: “well, yeah, if it's Henry (her husband) calling about one of the kids.” The expert cited that “people over pixels” is always the rule.

Right now on “Today,” polite manners and pregnant mommies seem to rule the roost, and no one better have any objections to their decisions.