Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Sheinelle Jones share cozy chemistry and an on-air honesty that has drawn a faithful throng of viewers to “Today's” third hour in just six months. Al Roker has carved out his own legendary “neck of the woods” niche in his more than 40 years of weather news, humor, and senior salutes on “Today.” Dylan Dreyer is the epitome of the All-American girl from New Jersey who happens to be the highly credentialed meteorologist and devoted wife and mom to husband, Brian Fichera, and her toddler, Calvin. Another busy mom and broadcast veteran, Sheinelle Jones, brings her own spirit and parenting perspectives, and Craig Melvin leaves his political hat with MSNBC and perfectly rounds out the table with timely profiles.

Morning viewers, of the “Today” third hour, look forward to the “family” connection between the cohorts, no matter what the topic of conversation becomes. This morning, July 9, however, turned a little more testy than usual. Dylan Dreyer brought up to Al Roker that he might consider some more polite manners when it comes to sending texts in the twilight hours, and Craig Melvin was made an impromptu mediator of cyber conversation etiquette.

Cherishing sleep over cyber chat

The subject of the early hours for the “Today” co-hosts came up because Sheinelle Jones was away this morning on assignment in Denver. Dylan Dreyer commented that Jones was probably not even awake. She then mentioned that she herself was tired because of a very early morning text from Al Roker regarding a topic of the third-hour broadcast conversation.

Dylan simply mentioned that she would appreciate some parameters on the proper hours to send texts, seeing as none of the hosts have the luxury of a full night’s sleep anyway. Al instantly seemed to get prickly over the idea. He promised, “Now that I know, I will not include you in that conversation.” In turn, this seemed to hurt Dreyer’s feelings, as she replied: “Then I will just feel left out.”

The back-and-forth between Dylan Dreyer and Al Roker continued for several minutes before Craig Melvin suggested that Dylan use the delay options for responding to texts on her phone.

“I don't do that, “she responded, not wanting to miss work-related notices.

It wasn't long before social media was stirring about this friendly, but seemingly not easy to settle, conflict. Comments on both sides were calling for peace, and Craig Melvin even noted how his colleagues were fussing about how they would accommodate each other in creating cyber manners.

Al Roker has always been a famous early-riser, frequently blending his special coffee to bring to his “Today” family, and cooking breakfast for his family at home. Odds are that Al will have some goodies as a peace offering by tomorrow. Dylan already shared on social media a People feature on Roker, in which she applauds his calmness, so there's no way that this tiff will turn into a full-on crisis.

Sweet treats settle things down

The reason Al Roker was texting at such an early hour, besides knowing that the producer would already be awake, was to get input from his colleagues on their personal guilty pleasures.

Recent articles have highlighted that occasionally indulging in unique pleasures is a positive pursuit that should have no negative side. He confessed that his own favorite treat was York peppermint patties.

Dylan Dreyer indulges in a “sugary, sweet cereal” around 8 PM at night. Since she has dinner with Calvin at 5 PM, she is ready for the before bedtime snack. Golden Grahams or Lucky Charms are favorite munchies with milk.

Craig Melvin likes something quite a bit stiffer, choosing a nightcap of bourbon. He commented that “Today” was the only workplace where he could imbibe at 9:15 in the morning. It's a good thing that the kids are not watching. No one would want them to know what “daddy juice,” as Craig calls it, really is.

The third hour of “Today” closed with friendship and smiles, and viewers can count on Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer to remember history, humor, and good times. Roker was Dreyer's biggest cheerleader when she was under consideration to come to “Today.” Ties like those tend to stay and this team understands the benefit of working things out together