Dylan Dreyer frequently has good news around the “Today” table that is “dilly click” worthy, as her fellow co-anchors like to call particularly delightful news. The meteorologist, wife, and mom looked particularly luscious in bright yellow on July 17 and promised her clip would be worth a look.

“I can't stop watching this one,” Dreyer confessed. Like many of her shares in the past, the star of this video was her two-year-old son, Calvin. He couldn't quite understand the numerical side of the announcement he was making, but he definitely realized that he was holding portraits of “a baby” that is soon to be born into his household, and the loving arms of his family.

The wait for baby #2 has had its heartbreaks, but Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera never gave up hope, nor their faith in the miraculous power of prayer. Children are divine gifts from God, and Dylan praises the power of people speaking simple prayers as much as any miracle in medicine. Sometimes, simply stepping back and letting the life process take its course is the most courageous act of faith.

Starring Calvin

Little Calvin may not realize that he is already a big star, but the boy holding the ultrasound images of his baby brother, correctly counting the number as five, has been a “Today” star since the day he was born. Dylan has delightfully shared first bites of countless foods, adventures of all sorts, and even a dip in the pool for safety this summer.

Accuracy is paramount in reporting, and Calvin reiterates that “five babies” are pictured and on their way. Daddy is heard prompting, “how about just one baby,” and Calvin still isn't so sure. The big brother already has warmed up to his sibling in mommy's tummy, asking if he can kiss the baby, but “I'm not sure he understands the process,” reports Dylan Dreyer.

Calvin can fully observe the growing process now. Dylan is well into her second trimester and past major worries over a miscarriage. The baby is due in January, already giving the family reason to celebrate the New Year.

Dylan and Brian courageously went public on “Today” about her struggle with secondary infertility in April.

Dreyer was also part of a Refinery29 panel on the subject, with mothers across the spectrum of age, ethnicity, and conception issues sharing their stories in the same month.

After Dylan Dreyer was already in Kentucky, preparing for the Kentucky Derby, she expected a call from her doctor, David Reichman, from the Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine. She was awaiting his instruction on how much to take of each medicine for optimal in vitro fertilization. The surprise of her life came with him counseling that “you can't start IVF because you're pregnant.”

Dylan is divinely grateful

Dylan related that she realized that she knew she was “a bad liar’ when her “Today” friends noticed she wasn't drinking at Craig Melvin's recent birthday party.

She only nursed water with an olive. Al Roker predicted first that she was pregnant, just as he had done with Calvin.

Motherhood is making a statement on the “Today” set. Jenna Bush Hager is due to deliver her son in just a handful of weeks. Hopefully, Hoda Kotb will return from her extended maternity leave for the welcome of her second adopted daughter, Hope Catherine, before Hager has true labor pains.

Dylan Dreyer doesn't discount excellent medical intervention in fulfilling this dream. Dr. Reichman performed surgery to remove scar tissue from her cesarean section birth with Calvin. The deepest credit, however, goes to a higher power.

“My prayers were answered,” Dreyer insists. The courage and honesty which she and her husband displayed in sharing their struggle moved many hearts to pray and keep positive.

Their unity and power “really made a difference,” according to the beloved meteorologist. “I knew it was in God's hands,” she assures, and lifted hearts didn't hurt.

Calvin got to drive a toddler-sized blue Coupe into the “Today” studio to reveal that the baby on the way is indeed the little brother. “God is good,” Dylan Dreyer proclaimed, and no one could disagree in this divinely delightful circumstance.