"The Young and The Restless" rumors of July 12, are full of twists and turns. Adam has a plan to frame Calvin and reconnect with Chelsea. When she hands over the recording to Paul, Chelsea will be furious as she discovers her husband's real intentions. According to 'Global Tv,' Chelsea will meditate on revenge against her new husband. Previous "GH" rumors had announced Calvin's death, which will occur due to unnatural causes. At this point, one wonders if Chelsea will be her killer. Meanwhile, Victor's health will deteriorate further. Nikki, in pain and despair, will confide in someone close to her, to whom he will reveal an important secret, what is it?

'The Young and the Restless': Victor's health deteriorates dangerously

"The Young and the Restless" rumors on July 12 say Billy will be busy reflecting on his life. Billy would like to forget the mistakes of the past and focus on the future, but it won't be easy. Delia's death destroyed him. In addition, he had to give Victoria all the support she needed. Billy will be conflicted and will not know what choices to make. If he succumbs to his desire for revenge, he will go to prison and cause his family pain. However, the past will torment him to the point of making a drastic decision.

Meanwhile, Victor's health deteriorates progressively, Nikki, will try to stay close to him, but it will not be easy.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of cognitive detertion are getting worse, and it will be hard for Nikki not to tell Victor the truth. The latest "The Young and the Restless" rumors reveal that Nikki will sooner or later be forced to confront Victor, eager to know the truth about his state of health. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' rumors about this soap opera broadcast on ABC, Nikki will confess to someone, probably Jack.

The woman desperately needs comfort and to be heard, given the pain she feels from Victor's illness.

'Y&R' rumors: Adam has a plan to win over Chelsea

Other "The Young and the Restless" rumors report that Adam will implement a plan to conquer Chelsea, despite her remarrying. Adam Newman has a recording in his hands that could change things forever.

If Chelsea listened to her, she would most likely kill Calvin. What will be on this very important recording?

Adam will give the recording to Paul, triggering a bomb ready to explode. Chelsea will find out that Adam just tricked her into framing her and blaming her for a murder.