"Days Of Our Lives" rumors say Kristen will wear a mask to turn into Susan. The wicked DiMera knows that Nicole is now close to the truth and needs to change her strategy. However, a twist will ruin her plan. In the next "DOOL" episodes in fact, as confirmed by 'Daily soap dish,' the real Susan will arrive in town. Kristen will not let herself be taken by discouragement and will continue to pose as Susan. Will and Sonny, however, will understand that something is wrong and will keep a close eye on the strange woman. The situation, however, will be very complicated.

As we know, Susan has been in a psychiatric institution for a long time. For this very reason, Brady will attribute her sudden personality changes to a mental disorder. The storyline is becoming very intriguing.

'Days of Our Lives': Kristen takes the form of Susan

"DOOL" rumors reveal that Kristen DiMera's plan is about to fail. Kristen is losing patience and self-control, ending up making too many mistakes. Xander betrayed her by stabbing her in the back. By now, Kristen is alone with herself and will have to fight with her weapons. An unexpected twist will bring things to a head. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', the wicked DiMera wants control of the family business of the real Nicole, in addition to defeating Brady, who wants in her life.

As the days go by, Kristen will lose control and implement increasingly dangerous plans. Her fault is her haste and impatience, which have made her lose important opportunities. By now certain of having been unmasked, Kristen plans to take the form of Susan Banks. What will she have in mind? Kristen will have a perfect mask built for her and she will look like Susan.

Brady, seeing her, will be puzzled, as 'Susan' will show a lot of change, flirting with everyone. Will Kristen be able to deceive Brady?

Will makes a disturbing discovery in the next 'DOOL' episodes

Other "Days of Our Lives" rumors reveal that Will makes a shocking discovery. Kristen hasn't calculated that the real Susan will arrive in town, unaware of what's going on.

Will and Sonny will understand that something is wrong, and for the dark lady will be trouble. Kristen, however, knows that Susan has spent a lot of time in a psychiatric institute and will make everyone believe that she has a double personality. A perfect plan not to be discovered!

Will and Sonny, however, will realize that the situation is very complicated and will not stop investigating. They both suspect that there is a criminal mind behind this. Kristen will, therefore, have to be very careful not to take any false steps. The storyline gets really intriguing and the latest "Days of Our Lives" rumors ensure that fans will be left breathless in front of unexpected twists and turns.