Marvel is considering an R-rating for their Black Widow origin film. Marvel has been quiet when it comes to their Phase 4 lineup of films. We Got This Covered reports that Black Widow is being speculated to be released in May 2020. Marvel has lined up Cate Shortland to direct the female-led Marvel film.

Planned film could become an origin story for the female assassin

Not much is known about the plot of the stand-alone film, some believe it will focus on how the Russian assassin ended up working for S.H.I.E.L.D. By focusing on Black Widow's story, Marvel could end up with a much darker story than what Marvel usually tells.

Natasha Romanoff has admitted that she has blood on her hands, and this film could tell us how bloody her hands are.

The Hashtag Show reported on Twitter that a Black Widow film was being discussed back in December 2017, and Marvel was considering an R-rating at the time. It would become their first R-rated film. Marvel Studios has been focused on making family-friend films. However, their upcoming acquisition of Deadpool and their comments that they want to continue to the Deadpool franchise, meaning they are accepting of the R-rated superhero franchise. Marvel could consider creating a separate brand that would focus on making the R-rated superhero films and be released under that brand.

Stand-alone film needs R-rating to properly tell the story

A Black Widow origin story would be suited for an R-rating.

Natasha Romanoff has been an assassin since she was nine years old and by her teen years, she gained a deadly reputation, drawing the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cinema Blend reports Hawkeye was originally ordered to kill her and end her violent career. Hawkeye couldn't kill her and ended up convincing her to join S.H.I.E.L.D.

If this is the angle Marvel wants to use, then it would focus on a child assassin, needing an R-rating.

It's still unclear how much consideration Marvel Studios has been made about giving Black Widow and R-rating. While R-rated Movies appear to be a result of the Fox acquisition, it's a serious departure for a studio that is family-friendly driven. It would come as a surprise if Marvel does move forward with an R-rating for Black Widow.

Most recently films like "Atomic Blonde" have shown moviegoers want a female spy brutal driven film. Scarlett Johansson showed her gritty side in "Lucy," a few years ago. With Marvel's two grittier characters "Daredevil," and "The Punisher," Marvel needs to realize they have several opportunities to create top-notch R-rated films that could bring in the money.