On Friday’s episode ofGeneral Hospitalthe countdown began for several secrets to possibly soon be revealed. All the action will be taking place at Wyndemere where viewers know many skeletons are buried. Jax invited Nina and her fiancé to dinner with him and Hayden but Ms. Reeves said they should dine in the Cassadine home. Simultaneously, Valentin was telling Obrecht that her niece wants her to recuperate on the island and this means big trouble.Jax and Hayden plan to search the grounds but did not indicate what or who they are seeking. Liesl could slip and reveal that Sasha is not Nina’s daughter and it’s possible that Nikolas could be on the property or some clue will lead to his discovery.

This is the set up loyal fans have been waiting for.

Obrecht is in danger at Wyndemere

Nina wants her aunt close by to protect her from whoever pushed her overboard the Haunted Star. An enlarged photo showed a man standing nearby during the celebration and last week, Brad was later interrupted before he could put a pillow over Obrecht’s face. This does not indicate that Mr. Cooper is the one who attempted to kill Liesl but someone did and he is still out there. Obrecht knows that Wiley is Nelle and Michael’s son which gives her knowledge of two explosive secrets. “General Hospital” viewers want the truth to be revealed and if Liesl gets drunk again she may tell all.

If Valentini is the one who tried to drown Liesel then he has full access to her while she as at Wyndemere.

Nina may be placing her aunt in harms way, rather than protecting her. Obrecht also could go snooping around and open up some other can of worms, such as finding evidence that Nikolas is alive. "GH" rumors have indicated that Tyler Christopher is back on the set so it's Probably no coincidence that all paths seem to be leading to his family home.

Jax and Hayden snoop at Wyndemere

On Friday’s episode of “General Hospital” Jax and Hayden discussed the need to look for something at Wyndemere. They have no idea that Obrecht will be on hand and may hinder their plans. Ms. Barnes could be looking for some of the diamonds she left behind or as earlier rumors suggested she may know something about Nikolas.

Spoilers don’t give any indication of what Jax and Hayden are up to but only suggest that trouble is on the way.

Nina and Valentin both are suspicious out of Jax and he feels the same about them. Hayden dislikes Obrecht because she altered Finn’s drug tests so it looked as if he were still using. All the players are Leary if each other and yet they will soon be under one roof.