"General Hospital" spoilers make soap opera fans tremble. In the next episodes, there will be an attempted murder and a secret that will surface, upsetting all the delicate balances. The ceremony of Franco and Elizabeth will turn into a nightmare. Sasha, unaware of everything, will continue to dream of Michael's love, not knowing that soon her life could change forever.

General Hospital' updates: a mysterious character wants Liesl dead

There's never peace in Port Charles, especially in the next few episodes. The latest intriguing "General Hospital" spoilers tell us that in the soap opera there will be attempted murder.

The dramatic event will take place on the occasion of the ceremony of Franco and Elizabeth, who will finally enjoy a few moments of relaxation by celebrating their love. However, the ceremony could turn into a tragedy. Liesl will drink too many drinks and will be on the verge of telling the truth about Sasha. At that very moment, a mysterious hand will push Dr. O' Brecht into the sea, trying to drown her.

A burning secret is about to be discovered

Fans of the soap opera know that Liesl is aware of many of the secrets of the inhabitants of Port Charles. For this very reason, she has several enemies, and some might think it's time to shut her up for good. The doctor knows that Sasha is not Nina's biological daughter.

If Liesl reveals this secret, Valentin may decide to dump her and never want to see her again. Valentin would never accept that he had been deceived on such an important issue. At the same time, Sasha does not want to leave the city because she is in love with Michael and is terrified that her secret may come out.

Who tries to kill Liesl?

Many may want to kill Liesl. Brad, for example, is aware that if the truth came out, he would be in trouble and would undoubtedly lose "Wiley Cooper-Jones." Nelle, too, could represent a valid homicidal potential, since he has no absolute intention of making Michael aware of the truth. "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Shiloh might be the murderer of Liesl.

Archer certainly wouldn't have a problem killing again. Liesl, during the reception party of Franco and Elizabeth, will drink a lot, until he loses control.

All potential killers would have a valid alibi and an opportunity to take advantage of. In fact, the police could assume that Liesl fell into the sea and died because of her state of drunkenness. Who will have the cold blood to end up the doctor overboard and try to drown her? The latest "General Hospital" spoilers ensure that a dramatic event is about to happen. Is this about Liesl's death? We just have to wait for the next "GH" episodes broadcast on ABC and keep our attention up.