"General Hospital" spoilers say that Ava will meet a mysterious woman, who will be asked to do some séances to get in touch with the deceased Kiki. Ava is convinced that the deceased Kiki should reveal something very important to her. The actress who will play the psychic is Veronica Cartwright, who will keep fans of "GH" company for all the summer months, creating a storyline with horror colors. Shiloh will, instead, continue to investigate Willow. Wiley is his son. Brad will be assailed by fear and will confide in Julian. Both will think that the only way to get to the truth about Wiley is to perform a DNA test.

Valentin will instead urge Curtis not to give up, as he will have other essential information about Jacks. In addition, Kim will not stop chasing the desire to have a son who can make her feel less like she misses Oscar Nero. Kim will have a nervous breakdown and it will be in Shiloh to take advantage of her fragility. Will the head of the DoD make Kim the next sacrificial victim of him?

Ava contacts a psychic

In the next "General Hospital" episodes, Curtis will contact Valentin, telling him that Jacks has extremely important information about Cassandra and Valentin. Curtis will have to investigate and not give up if he wants to get to the truth. Meanwhile, Julian and Bobbie will have yet another fight for the complicated storyline Wiley Cooper-Jones.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Ava will think of Kiki again. Devastated by pain, she will meet a person with many dark sides. She is a psychic, who will tell Ava that she can get in touch with the spirits. The actress playing the psychic is Veronica Cartwright, who will soon join the cast of "GH."

Brad plagued by guilt in upcoming episodes of 'General Hospital'

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Brad and Elizabeth will be happy for their wedding reception.

However, something will go wrong. Brad, who was present at the ceremony, will continue to think about Wiley's situation and will not know what to do. Brad is also aware that Shiloh is close to the truth and, if he discovers everything, he will be in trouble. Brad will confide his doubts to Julian and the two will think that the only way to solve the situation is a DNA test.

At Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception, Liesl will drink too many drinks and let go of a few too many inappropriate phrases. It seems that Liesl is losing his mind and that in the next episodes he is causing some big trouble. However, attention remains focused on Ava and her relationship with the psychic. Will Ava be able to get in touch with Kiki? The latest "General Hospital" spoilers say yes, so stay tuned.