“The Young and the Restless” is allowing Adam to pull the strings of most everyone in Genoa City, His alliance with Kevin will lead to the Chipmunk making a dangerous decision. Jill will return and the connection with Chance will be explored. Chelsea will reject her first husband while leaning on Nick immediately after Calvin’s death. This will cause Adam’s rage to intensify. His desire for revenge will even pull Michael into the web of deception. Victor’s namesake is on a mission and vows to destroy anyone who gets in his way. In the midst are Conner and Christian who are unaware of what the adults in their lives are dealing with.

'Y&R' brings Jill home, addresses Chance and Adam

"Y&R” spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that Jill will soon return to Genoa City to help Billy deal with Adam being alive and support Cane through his divorces from Lily. It’s not known how long she will stay this time but Ms. Abbott/Atkinson may have some answers regarding the connection between her grandson and Victor’s namesake. Both Phyllis and the Newman patriarch have told the prodigal son that they know about his association to Phillip the third. What is not clear, however, is the significance of the relationship between the two men.

”Y&R” spoilers point out that the new writing team is bringing a lot of people back to Genoa City and suggests that Chance could return so that his link to Adam can be fully explained.

Whether or not Phillip the third returns, remains to be seen, but it’s definite his grandma is headed back to town and she will be a sounding board for both Billy and Cane. Jill will be elated that Victoria has reconciled with her son, but viewers will have to wait to find out her reaction regarding Cane growing closer to Traci.

'Y&R' tightens Adam’s grip on Michael, Kevin, and Nick

”Y&R” spoilers from Soap Dirt reveal that Adam will continue to make life miserable for those who oppose him. Kevin will be blackmailed into doing something unthinkable and Michael will be forced to make a deal with the prodigal Newman. Shortly after Calvin dies, it will be Nick whose arms Chelsea seeks and she will later reject the idea of a Chadam reunion.

This will keeps Adam at a disadvantage and distance him from both of his sons. He will become so enraged that he forces Kevin to do something he absolutely wants no part of and it probably has to do with the vendetta against Nick.

"The Young and the Restless" is allowing Adam to seemingly rule and reign by having leverage over Nick, Kevin, and Michael. Spoilers don’t say how long this situation will last but there eventually must be a turning point. Earlier spoilers suggested that Adam may be a bone marrow match for his father and ultimately save Victor’s life. If this happens it could bring out a softer side of the bad seed son. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and keep watching each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.