"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers say Xander will be arrested. During the detention period, Xander will think of an atrocious revenge against Kristen DiMera. For her part, Kristen will not waste time plotting a plan against Xander, who is guilty of stabbing her in the back. Knowing the perfidy of the fake Nicole, her former accomplice will likely tremble. Salem may then receive the news of a murder. Who will be the first to pay for the betrayal?

'DOOL' spoilers: Kristen DiMera hits Xander

The latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Xander, during the next episodes of the soap opera, will have to deal with the fury of Kristen.

His betrayal, in fact, will cost him a lot of money. Kristen will never forgive the fact that Xander turned his back on her when she needed his help most. As we know, the accomplice of the fake Nicole did not kill Ted and Kate as he was ordered. Ted and Kate miraculously managed to save themselves.

However, the dangers to the couple will not be over. Xander's generous gesture has certainly made him a better man, but he won't pay for the crimes carried out in complicity with the fake Nicole. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kristen will dump all of the trouble on Xander's shoulders, causing the police to arrest him. Ted and Kate saw the fake Nicole for the first time as she took off her mask in front of them.

The wicked DiMera laid blame on Xander, then ordered the accomplice to kill both of them. Fortunately, Kristen's deadly order was not executed.

Xander in prison in the episode of 'Days of Our Lives' on July 15

A plausible hypothesis is that Ted and Kate are being blackmailed by Kristen so that they do not reveal the truth about her real identity.

DiMera, however, does not know that the couple will be able to free themselves and escape from the secret hotel room. Fans will see Xander's arrest in the episode of "DOOL" on July 15. Once he's behind bars, he'll think about all the evil he's done and how to get back at Kristen. Xander lost everything to help Kristen but was stabbed in the back.

Xander will not be able to tell the authorities how things really are, as his position would get worse. However, soap fans know that Xander is a very clever man who doesn't let himself get caught easily. Thanks to his intuition and cold blood, Xander will soon be able to get out of prison and will not waste time meditating on an act of terrible revenge against Kristen DiMera. The fake Nicole this time will have to be really careful because Xander is really angry. Will Salem be dyed with blood because of an unexpected murder? "Days of Our Lives" spoilers ensure that this storyline will take a really scary turn. Don't miss the next episodes of the soap opera.