"General Hospital" spoilers of the week 8-12 July tease that Port Charles will be shaken by so many twists. Shiloh will be knocked down by a secret contained in Oscar's will. Kim will finally be able to breathe for a space after the disconcerting revelation that her son left her. Meanwhile, Willow will be worried about her future. A drama is about to ruin Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception. A character who knows the truth about Sasha will be thrown into the sea and someone will try to drown her.

'General Hospital': an attempt at murder at the party of Franco and Elizabeth

The latest and exciting "General Hospital" spoilers say that Kim will be present at the boat wedding reception organized by Franco and Elizabeth. Kim, in this happy atmosphere, will begin to have hope again after Oscar's death. The party will be an opportunity for her to celebrate and leave aside, at least for a while, her torment. However, we know that in the future Kim will have many nervous collapses, up to committing acts that could endanger her own life. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there will be no shortage of setbacks at the ceremony for Franco and Elizabeth.

Liesl will drink too much alcohol and, completely drunk, will be on the verge of revealing a secret to Franco who will leave the man shocked.

Liesl will tell Elizabeth's husband the truth about Sasha. A character on board the boat, however, will push Liesl into the sea and try to drown her.

'GH' spoilers: Ava obsessed with spiritism

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that Ava, in a moment of deep depression, will contact a psychic, played by actress Veronica Cartwright.

Ava intends to get in touch with Kiki. Ava will be convinced that the deceased Kiki could reveal something important to her from beyond. The plots of "GH" will take a decidedly left turn. In the meantime, after the end of the reception, Kim will have the opportunity to clarify with Drew. In previous episodes of the soap opera, in fact, the two had a heated discussion.

Kim had asked Drew to give her another son, in the hope of forgetting Oscar. Drew will understand that Kim is devastated by the death of her child and will be able to comfort her.

Oscar has a secret that will devastate Shiloh Archer

Shiloh won't have a happy day. To give a shake to the plots of the soap opera it will reveal the will of Oscar Nero, which will leave everyone present breathless. Shiloh Archer will also be present at the ceremony and, once he hears Oscar's words, he will be on the verge of fainting. The drama will light up before the reading of the will ends. Sam will be relieved, while Lucas will receive unexpected news. Oscar's words, on the other hand, will please Willow very much. According to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, in Oscar's will, the secret about Wiley is most likely hidden.